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Key Cloud Computing players like Salesforce are aiming to create a whole ecosystem of software and hardware and this is revolutionizing business. Those that adopt it will surge ahead of their competitors and do a whole lot more with a whole lot less, and do it  much more profitably. Sales numbers can be tracked in real time, see Dashboard  below:SampleLightningDashbord

Sample Dashboard

With the advent of Smart Phones and iPads even field service folks can be connected. One commercial lift company here in Orange County, CA equipped their service techs with wireless iPads so they could list parts, billable hours and total it all then send an e-mail to the customer and to accounts receivable. That one change shortened the billing cycle by 3 days, and improved cash flow. This level of integration was once the province of large mega corporations and it is now even available to a one-person shop.SalesforceEinstein

I don’t suppose any of this applies for your business ?

On the off chance any of this is of interest we can be reached at: or call Phil at: 949-636-5286

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