Making The Transformation To New Product Development . Champion follower or failure.

Presentation By Mike Beard at PDMA So. Cal May 22, 2013

Henry Ford when building the model T said that if he had asked potential customer what they wanted they would have said two horses……Customers don’t know what they don’t know.

Some companies have a process others don’t .. what is needed is a process. There is no easy day to paraphrase the navy. Seals motto….You need to put to gather a process…and see if your folks follow it if they don’t replace it. Quickly

They don’t know their end game if the company owners don’t have an end game in mind

The CEO  must be involved, and acting as leaders at a high level 75% aren’t… Guidance not micro management,

Some 70% of transformations and re-orgs fail to reach their goals….

Peter Drucker one of the greatest business gurus of our time said I don’t predict I just look out the window and see what’s visible but not yet seen…..

While Mike Beard was at McDonald Douglass they had folks from the outside look at things and they were able to create large savings that saved the company…

CEOs need to be there down with the people, by being there at flight test he was able to solve problems quickly and save half a billion $$$ on the 717 by getting feedback, back to mfg and mfg engineering, CEOs should  wear out a lot of shoes… Get out of the ivory tower before it burns down from under you.

Get advice from the outside they will take a different look at your business

Knock down the silos and get your teams working let the teams self direct.

Mike noted that 84% of organizations operate in silos…

It takes a whole team …and the CEO needs to be behind it….

Four on the floor…four hours on the factory floor, Jim Worshim pres McDonald Douglass Long Beach, CA

Many companies don’t look at risk…. How tolerant are you to risk. More so in NPD vrs financial…  If you can quantify risk to 70 to 80% you can make a decision. You can quantify risk it takes work…scale of 1 to 5 or red yellow and green…

Polaroid had the first digital cameras for 3 yrs the board refused to let it launch. By the time they did, other companies had flooded the market.

Your Company must be aligned don’t have a dividend with a KPI that is not tied to the whole Companies goals top to bottom. What gets planned gets measured what gets measured gets done… Key process  Indicators kpi. Take time to plan…

Expected monetary value to measure risk by looking at the cost of doing or not doing something.

Toyota can change a fender dye in 3 min they can change models quickly

49% of leaders reported a gap between strategy and results…..

Know the capacity of your people only 21% of employees worldwide consider themselves to be engaged in their work and 75% said their management didn’t do enough to help the fully engage then and help them contribute to their companies success…people want to do stuff !

Release the bad apples to their destiny… Let them move on.

Develop metrics measure your progress if you are not sure measure many things until you find what is relevant. Don’t spend more to measure low value than the object is worth.

Need to perform while transforming.

New behaviors watch for them and CEOs first words need to be how can I help…..

The only easy day was yesterday.

Change is not necessary, survival is not necessary… Dr Demming

These things are not easy….. Thank you Mike for a great presentation.

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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