Salesforce – Transformational CRM Event, Hosted by Cloud Sherpas 4/17/14


Salesforce Transformational CRM Event
at Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, CA

Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Coast, Orange County, CA

There was a great line up of speakers, Peter Coffee, Dr, Jim Lacey and Sr. Director Fred Orensky.

Featured Speakers:

Peter Coffee – VP for Strategic Research at

Dr. Jim Lacey, Ph.D – ‎Associate Professor in Cancer Epidemiology at the City of Hope

Fred Orensky – Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture, Align Technology, Inc.

Presentation by Peter Coffee – Tapping into the Internet of Customers Peter kicked off the even with a big dose of energy….He said Customers are Visioned, Valued and Reliant on the Cloud Technologies. The Cloud is now as accepted and expected as indoor plumbing. It is not even a conversation any longer Cloud Computing is the reality. Our overall model is focused on an outdated PC Model, Old Software that is individual and NOT Collaborative. A tablet is now a window on the world. Opening processes to collaboration that s the new pyridine. Having 37k authors collaborate on a paper is the new reality. Top 3 selling products at Target Stores are 3 different versions of the iPad. However, people don’t identify themselves via device, PC/Windows/Apple like they used to, now it is by Communities Facebook/LinkedIn etc.  UPS is now part of you delivery team and your customers user experience. Resolve problems at the point of contact; push the corrective action to down to the edges to the folks who touch the customer. Verses passing on the customer to the “right person”. Resolving problems quickly builds Brand Equity. The moment the customer notices a problem the clock starts ticking, CRM is leading the way.


Camera Lenses – An app the analyzes customers photos as to what they are trying to do and suggests ways to improve the photo. This includes different techniques and may include suggesting products – New Lenses that would help them improve their photos.

President Obama’s team analyzed tweets arising out of his speeches, and used them to gauge public sediment in real time. The then had a better way to gauge what would fly and what wouldn’t they adjusted their strategy accordingly.

Pay at Pump Data Analysis: The credit card companies noticed that a $1.00 Gas Purchase made after midnight usually indicated a stolen credit card. What is the question your customers asks “Why XYZ” when they Google that does you company name show up?

Old Data: is a byproduct of business activity; User Experience UX is an afterthought

New Data: is captured through and along the customer’s process of discovery. UX is a top priority.

Creating New Value: in 2010 Amex found that 58% of customers will pay a 9% premium for superior service, in 2013 66% will pay 13% for some extra service and 75% had already done so. Up 57% from 2010, by connected services and service is the product.

Presentation by Dr. Jim Jacey, City of Hope  – Transformative Data Collection Using Mobile From big data and big business we transitioned to the life and death business of a hospital. They use Salesforce to track disease – epidemiology.

They used to use paper it took 2 weeks to process vs. using Salesforce and QR codes it takes a few minutes. They are looking at how and why cancer develops. Much of their work is focused on the California Teachers Brest Cancer Study, for some unknown reason Teachers have a higher rate of breast cancer. They set up their questions so that once a certain question is no it won’t re-appear. This reduces time spent doing the questions. For example, once post menopause they don’t re-ask questions about if they have reached menopause yet. They get better data, better participation and have lowered their data collection costs by 50%. !!

They then deconstructed their whole process to eliminate costs. They used Bobby Kennedys saying some ask why I ask why not.

Presentation by Fred Orensky – Transforming a Global Contact Center Our next transition was from Triage to Empathetic customer experiences. After all, for this company they are doing Dental Work. Align Technology, Inc. makes invisalign dental braces. His first focused on Strategy Before Solutions. They launched in one location first …Use rifle shots, aim and hit your target get successes early.

It is about change management. They used and Agile – SCRUM methodology to focus on answers not Standard Operating Procedures. What is amazing about Salesforce CRM is they customized by using configuration 90% of the time and only used code 10% of the time. Team involvement in the process was key to success. Early on there was concern that the cloud wasn’t safe the real issue turned out to be their attachment to the Legacy System.

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