The Voice of the Client

Sales Leadership Alliance Meeting June 18, 2014

Topic: The Voice of the Client
Presented by Jack Kelly Principal & Founder of the Corlea Group

Jack Kelley

Jack Kelley

The Voice Of Client (VOC) can be scary at times. One example was how Jamie Powers – Son of the founder of JD Powers pointed out that he Graduated UC San Diego and it was 25 years before the alumni association contacted him. He had been contacted by many Ivy League schools that he had never attended but his own school waited 25 years to contact him.

Unless the ROI is measurable, Customer Satisfaction is just a Buzz Word. Do you actually measure customer satisfaction? Do 3rd party surveys? You need to share strategies with you inside team to drive value internally. Share case studies, and customer testimonials.

He recommended the book “The Ultimate Question 2.0” By Fred Reicheld. One of his questions was “On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to refer our company to a colleague or friend? The answer is quantifiable and measurable. Do surveys and allow for free from feedback, with the ultimate questions.
Also contact people who did not respond and find out why. He ranked customers in terms of Net Promoter Score in three groups:

Promoters 9 -10
Passives 6-8
Detractors who hate you 5 and under

The on boarding process is the most important par of the hiring process. It gets remembered a long time after things settle down.

Jack Kelly Principal & Founder of the Corlea Group
Jack Kelly, has over 25 years of the experience including 18 yrs of B2B Sales, Sales Leadership, and General Management. His expertise is helping business-to-business services companies create effective sales organizations. He provides expert assistance in Sales & Account Management Strategy, Leadership Methodology, Tools and Execution to endure alignment and integration with the organizations values and goals.

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Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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