Growing Sales on the Inside

SalesforceOrangeCountyAlteryx hosted last night’s OC Assoc  Of Inside Sales Professionals meeting, Dionne Mischler was the moderator. The topic was using Account Based Management in a B2B environment to focus all of the sales efforts at engaging the prospect company a multiple levels. From marketing , inside and outside sales engaging from the bottom to the top of the prospects company. This is a holistic approach aimed at connecting a many levels and there by winning the deal.

One of the key take aways was you have to track your activity. One of the presenters Brian Trautschold of Ambition Co. said that you have to make it personal. As in tying your sales to your personal goals and ambitions. I strongly agree. We are most motivated by our own goals and desires. Company cheerleading only goes so far. By the way Ambition’s software tracks a sales person’s activities in real time so they can see where they are at any given moment. This helps them avoid that unpleasant conversation with their manager at the end of the Month  about or Quarter about missing quota.

Anshu Kanuga Sales Productivity Specialist at Alteryx is spearheading the Account Based Management approach. Their product uses Salesforce as a platform and their market focus is B2B Data Analytics. They are providing Data Analytics for mid sized companies that only large companies could have only a few years ago.  Once you have gathered all this data now what ? What companies need is Actionable Analysis, what does the data tell me and what do I do next. Smaller companies are often close enough to the action where they see it for themselves. As your company grows  into a mid sized enterprise you have to depend on the data. This lends their sales efforts to mid size companies where they can access a variety of decision makers.

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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