Goals 101

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If there is anything harder than setting good goals it is staying focused on them and accomplishing them.  Me I am a fan of starting with small with goals that I know I can accomplish, because nothing succeeds like success. Well that is what works for me anyway. Others do better when they set huge goals that inspire them to push themselves. Some folks like to plan big and miss but 70% of a big goal is still huge. To loosely quote Les Brown: It is better to aim high and miss than do nothing and succeed…..

My take here is discover what works for you. Get inside your head look at your past and there you will find your answer. Beginning Goal setters often spend too much time listing huge goals get overwhelmed then quit after a few weeks.  Often the difference between attaining your goals and missing them is just down to pure hard work and persistence. Make a list of what works for you, I am a fan of what works.

Others have been there before you can learn from them. One of the good easy ways to get start is with the SMART goal method: Created in 1981 The SMART acronym first appeared in the November 1981 in an issue of Management Review. “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives.” was the title, it was written by: George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham. www.smart-goals-guide.com/smart-goal.html

The S.M.A.R.T goal acronym stands for:

S. – Specific:  Clearly define what the goal is for example:

A. Earn More Money is Fluffy Bunny     vs.     B. Earn 20% More next year is Specific

M. – Measurable:  Numbers are a good measure here it need not be money, it can be sales calls made. Make it related to the Specific Goals. The key is can it be Measured if not it is not Specific enough. To paraphrase Management Guru Peter Drucker: Things that are measured tend to get done. Customer Relationship Management Software works wonders here.

A. – Attainable: Is the Goal challenging yet not impossible? Some folks set impossible goals as that gives them an easy out for not hitting the Goal. Some folks set big goals hit 70% of goal and that works for them. To start aim for a goal you can achieve.

R. – Realistic: A good approach is to run your goals past a trusted advisor. Someone who knows you but is not a spouse, close relative or boss. A person who is willing to give you a reality check.

T. – Time based: Here is where the rubber meets the road. There must be a clear specific date when this Goal is due to be accomplished. Is a weekly goal, monthly, yearly or more, define that and track accordingly.

Now TAKE ACTION or your goal it need not be huge action, but take action. Grab your Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet, or Piece of Paper & Pen write done some goal that will better your life. For example,  If your goal is to read 6 books this year about your industry buy the books right now.  Schedule time to read them, put a reminder in your smartphone. It helps to put the books somewhere you will see them often. Next reward yourself after finishing each book. We all need positive feedback, in fact positive feedback is more powerful than negative feedback.

Once you start setting and accomplishing your goals you will want to set more. Those that set goals accomplish far more than those chasing shiny objects.

The person who got me focused on Goal Setting was Brian Tracy (Thanks Brian) for his take on Goal Setting: https://www.briantracy.com/blog/personal-success/smart-goals/



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