Make your CRM Relevant to the Sales Team

When many CRMs are implemented it is from the top down, where it’s pushed on to the IT Dept. The Sales Team sees it as an IT thing or a Bean Counter thing, yet another non-productive activity.  So what is a humble CRM implementation team to do….? Focus on the mail goal of every good Sales Team making the Big Money $$$


First this is not a technology issue, it’s an issue of what does the tech do for the Sales Team. To learn that you need to walk in their shoes. Do a series of ride a longs, or sit next to your inside sales people and observe. Find out what is important to them. Here are a few of my personal observations not sure if this is relevant in your world on the off chance they are or aren’t let’s have a conversation.

  1. Home Page with Approximate Commission for that Month, Qtr, YTD % of Goal
  2. On Opportunity or Quote Approximate Commission
  3. Top 10 – 20 Sales Opportunities on Home Page
  4. Margin for that Opportunity’s or Quotes
  5. Great Dashboards with Graphs & Reports showing key data
  6. Contest Rank for Them & Their Sales Team
  7. Customize their individual Home Pages to match their needs & wants
  8. Home page with that days Sales Calls
  9. Get to know the Personality’s and Styles of your sales team, match Home pages to that style
  10. Most sales folks are Fast Moving, Low Detail, Social, Love Recognition, New Ideas are fun loving and are Enthusiastic (see DISC Personality Profile the I) this is typically the opposite of most Software & IT people who are focused on getting things right, follow the rules, are high detail and move at a steady pace.

Not sure if this applies in your situation on the off chance it does it might be worth a quick conversation.

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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