My Take Goal Setting The Sandler Way 1

Six Steps to Setting Goals the Sandler Way: Part 1 of 22020Goals_1

“Goal setting is your GPS to Successes” Mike Montague VP Online Training – Sandler Sales Training. Goals are not a pipedream or a taskmaster according to Mike. We tend to over estimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a month.  Our Behaviors lead to  Actions that drive us to reach our Goals and get Results.  Many folks think that Attitude is everything. Attitudes are tied to emotions and they in flux. Techniques take time to learn, practice and instill into who we are.  But Behavior is the one thing we can immediately control. Doing the Behaviors that drive your goals forward will result in a better Attitude and Techniques.

  1. One of the things that often gets missed in Goal setting is the Emotion part. We are Emotional Creatures. “When you have a Strong Why the how is no problem” Anthony Mayo Sandler Coach. When the Why is tied to Strong Emotions you are unstoppable. One way I time my Goals to my Emotions is with a Goal Board and I keep a picture of me & my sons in my folio. Any time I have tough sales call I look at My Goal Board and the Picture of me and my sons, that drives me on.  You can only gut it our so long, find your strong emotional why.
  2. Take stock of your current reality. Start with what you bring to the table. Look at your past self, and don’t believe everything you think. It takes new thinking to get new results. “When you look at things differently they look different” Max Plank Look at the following 8 areas of your life.
    1. Social – Community
    2. Health – Fitness
    3. Spiritual
    4. Finical – Retirement
    5. Educational – Mental
    6. Career – Business
    7. Relationships – Family
    8. Personal – Recreation
  3. Define Your Dreams. Dream Big ….. Not Crazy. Don’t let old tapes/CD/MP3s play in your head. That old stuff is Old Thinking, make a concerted effort to dump the stinking thinking also know as Head Trash. If there is anything that hold people back more than Self Limiting beliefs I don’t know what it is, dump this Head Trash. It is living in the world of I Can’t rather than the world of I Can and I will. Pretend that these old Bias do not exist anymore, that’s the old you. Where it starts is how you talk to yourself in you head. Be kind, be your own biggest cheer leader. Thinking small is often fear, fear of failure, fear of what others think,  (folks don’t think about you as much as you think the are too busy thinking about themselves) and fear of success. Oddly enough success can be fearful for some of us because it puts us outside our comfort zone.  The sky is our limit, think big, think long some 10 years out. Where do you want to be ten years from now….? Do nothing and 10 years will pass, do you want to be part of your plan or someone else’s  …?

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That’s the end of Part 1. This post is based on a podcast by Sandler Sales Training on 11/21/2019 for more information about Sandler Sales Training go to or


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