My Take Goal Setting The Sandler Way 2

Six Steps to Setting Goals the Sandler Way: Part 2 of 2

2020Goals_23. Create a Cook Book as a Recipe for your success. We need beliefs to sustain our actions and daily behaviors to maintain progress towards our goal. Set our your yearly goals, break them down into monthly activities, now schedule out when with specific dates & times that you are going to do those activities during your week. Then track your progress as you do them.

Make your goals SMART Goals:

A. Specific

B. Measurable

C. Attainable – Achievable

D. Relevent

E. Timely – Time Bound

What we do every day is what will get us to our goals. Our bigger goals are in reality achieved one day at a time. To loosely quote Robbin Sharma “Our Day is our life lived in miniature”. What’s nice about Specific & Measurable Goals is we can see our progress.  By being Achievable & Realistic we feel that we can accomplish them, our believe is key. Time Bound gives us reason to stay on target, as some day never come. The progress becomes enjoyable, do you value it? Your Why is tied to your commitment especially when you are lagging. Find that Commitment your Strong Why. Use I statements: “I will _____ by ______(due date) or I commit to______.  Now Do it.

5. Become the new you, who do you need to become to accomplish these goals? Define that new person that you will be. What Skills, Behaviors, Beliefs, Success, you will need. Decide that you deserve those Skills, Behaviors, Beliefs, Success. Where am I now, who do I need to become, dump the Beliefs, Behaviors and Head Trash that is holding you back. “It is better to imitate success genuinely, than to do original mediocrity” Mike Montague VP Sandler Sales Training.

6. Burn Your Bridges. Share your goals publicly that creates accountability. Find a trusted advisor or accountability partner to help keep you on track. Cultivate your support group, folks that are like minded. My Sandler Coach Mike Henigman said “If your a $100,000 sales producer, hang with $1,000,000 producer, if your a $1,000,000 sales producer hang with $10,000,000 producers” You can’t get to the next step hanging with folks with the same thinking. You absorb their thinking and beliefs via Osmosis. Write notes to your future self saying: You can thank the past me for: Dieting, Exercise, Investing in the Future.

Use mindfulness – meditation to see the thoughts you are feeding yourself. You can choose positive self talk. Mindful priming of your brain focuses us. Prime your brain by visualizing Your Goals as Acomplished. Keep a journal focues on the positives, do it weekly. Watch your inputs what you let into your head.

When to quit, when the goal you set is no longer what you want.

Finally, You don’t get ahead by being comfortable, it is Ok to be uncomfortable throughout the process. Keep Climbing.

On the off chance you are considering tracking your goals on a CRM it might be worth a brief discussion with the author.

This post is based on a recent podcast by Sandler Sales Training VP Mike Montague, at or locally here in Southern California





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