Dawn 2020 Goals … Whats Your Why ?


Jan 1, 2020 will dawn and how the rest of the year plays out is up to you.

Me I start on my annual goals in November for the next year. There are also long term goals that were planned and laid out 10 + years ago.  As an ancient sage from the east once said the best time to plant an orchard was 20 years ago then next best time is NOW.  The decisions made years ago are now the bountiful harvest of today.  If you are looking for GRQ that is “Get Rich Quick” go back to watching Cat Vids on youtube.

The successful folks I know all did the GSS…. “Got Successful Steadily” and I am going to use two 4 letter works sorry if you get offended “Hard” Work”. Hard work, a good set goals and steady progress will get you to success.  Yet so few people have written goals they just wing it, no goals, no written plan just hope it will all work out. I shouldn’t be surprised that the average American bought $1,000 in lottery tickets last year.

A lot of folks seek success, those that have plans & goals often find success. So what keeps people from setting up a plan with measurable goals? I am no expert at best an observer so here are a few insights.

  1. Fear yes the granddaddy of the all. The fear that if I set goals and miss the target that one feels like more of a failure. Counter that with: Revel in the Goals you did achieve! Also fear of success – being out side of your comfort zone.  Counter that with leaning into the discomfort, focus on the results, you only need 5 min of bravery every so often, not all the time.
  2. Hard Work, anything worth doing is going to take hard work sorry not free lunch here. Instead of looking at all the work it will take. Counter that with breaking the goals down into weekly small tasks. Measure the progress some folks like to have something psychical like marking a paper calendar other use electronic means. Find out what works for you.
  3. They don’t know anyone else that does planning & goals. Counter that with finding like minded people. To grow to the next level hang with people in the next level. Because as Brian Tracy said You can’t soar with eagles if your on the ground scratching with Turkeys.
  4. We all hit the ups and downs of live you need a strong Why to keep you moving when you hit the downs. Counter the downs with reviewing and renewing your strong Why. Listen to Motivational Speakers like:
    1.  TONY ROBBINS: How to Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost
    2.  Jim Rohn Self Discipline
    3. Brian Tracy SMART Goals


A good plan needs to be clear enough to set your direction yet be flexible in it’s execution. As I have progressed in my goal setting life. I have found that the fuel for accomplishing my goals is having my a strong why.  As Sandler Sales Coach Anthony Mayo told me “When you have strong why the How is no problem” Chris Jennings of Sandler Sales told our class a story about a Sales Colleague that went from being an average performer to a super star, he was unstoppable, never took a break, tripled his income. He asked him what changed, his answer was that he found out that he had a debilitating disease and in a few short years would not even be able to work at all. So he was determined to build a nest egg for his family while he could.  Your why need not be as worrisome. It has to be your why take the time to determine your why and your how will be no problem.

On the off chance tracking your sales goals using a CRM is of interest, it might worth a quick conversation.  phil@salesforcemaven.com

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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3 Responses to Dawn 2020 Goals … Whats Your Why ?

  1. Great blog, thanks for writing it! I especially like what you said about reminding ourselves of our why. It’s so important to achieving any of our goals. Have you ever read “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek?

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