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CRM & E-Marketing the Dynamic Duo

Managing your relationships with customers is easier than ever. The only limit is your imagination. The great challenge for marketing is being able to track and attribute sales deals closed won to marketing activities such as: Trade Shows, Ads, News … Continue reading

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B2B Marketers Meeting & Pardot Users

The first presentation was on how to use Engagement Studio to create a customer journey. from Raw Lead to Closed Won, Closed Lost or Recycled. DeDe Sabey  or Roland DGA was our presenter sharing her personal experiences. She starts by  … Continue reading

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Salesforce Dream Force 2019 ReCap

This local Trailblazer event was hosted by and at Roland DGA, Irvine CA. The gathering included the Developers Group, Salesforce Admin Group, and the Marketing Groups. First up was Jim Mitchel Architect from Visio who runs the Dev Group. He … Continue reading

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Selling Psychology

The head game of selling Soc of Inside Sales Prof Meeting 12/3/2019 First I want to thank Ring DNA the sponsor of this fascinating event. The panel consisted of:  William Tyree Chief Marketing Officer at Ring DNA  and Laura Santopietro … Continue reading

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