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The head game of selling Soc of Inside Sales Prof Meeting 12/3/2019


First I want to thank Ring DNA the sponsor of this fascinating event.

The panel consisted of:  William Tyree Chief Marketing Officer at Ring DNA  and Laura Santopietro Client Partner & Debbie Renshaw Client Partner both from Franklin Covey. Our leader an MC for the night was Dione Mischler Assoc of Inside Sales Prof. 

The topic was on the Psychology & Mental game of sales. They focused on how each person or team deals with the ups and downs of their selling life. A lot of Sales People focus on what to say “Their Pitch”, when to close, or getting a good prospect list, that is techniques.  Even the best “Pitch” won’t work if you head isn’t in the game. Most Sales People put on a bold front, always positive and enthusiastic, yet on the inside may be struggling with a slump. Our Panel gave great advise on how to keep the positive momentum going.  What follows is based on my notes and my best recollection of who said what, my apologies in advance for the mis-quotes .

Ring Central: Separate the Professional you from the Personal you. You are a valuable person no matter what, if you are having a successful sales day or not. Leave your professional Sales Day in the office, don’t bring a bad day home.


Franklin Covey: Its a fact 88% of people don’t like change, selling involves change, new products – new services. Get comfortable with this fact of life, and gently guide prospects & new customers though the discomfort.

Set your goals and have a process for Public  Accountability for 1-2 things a week. For some teams that’s a one on one for others its a personal goal board, some use public score boards.

Mission statement, you need higher vision to drive for something bigger to shoot for.  Tie team members business goals to their personal goals.  Their personal mission statement, helps them define their why for doing the hard work of sales. In sales we face a lot of rejection, we will hit headwinds, don’t try the make a fast 180 turn instead correct 1 degree at a time.

Our Brain is a muscle focus on proactive good thoughts.  Personalize your sales prospecting, send birthday cards with personal greetings with handwritten signatures

Ring Central: Sales is more like a batting average, missing 60% of the time, and hitting 40% is outstanding. It’s that you go up to bat and take your swings consistently, that activity will yield the results.  Keep prospecting no matter the results, in sales we hear no a lot, thats ok it is the path to the yes.

Franklin Covey: Do a 1 hr call blitz as a team put it on zoom so  you can see each other but put it on mute…!  Focus it on a specific target audience, for a specific product.

Dionne: Suggestions on, Dealing with Call Reluctance.

Franklin Covey:  It doesn’t have to be perfect “Just Do The Calls”, short simple works best. You can do a personal call blitz. If a team members numbers are down down its usually due to lack of activity “Calling Activity’, in last 90 days. We have tracked it and it rings true. Track your activity, in a day planner, a calendar a CRM, analyze it find out what works for you.

Be proactive, bring you own weather, puts you in control of your sales day. Make your customers feel that they are engaged with with a professional trusted adviser.

Be Grateful have and have an attitude of Gratitude

Put a space between the Emotional stimulus and your response. Give yourself and incentive, no coffee before your first call is done. Get in a cadence every day, schedule out your prospecting activity on set times and days. Mix it up, discover what works best.

Use paper lists, electronic lists, a CRM, in those layout tasks that move each potential sale one on to the next step.

Ring Central: Employee engagement, make everyone feel that they are a valued member of a winning team. Treat sales as doing meaningful work that is valued by the company and the customer.

Thanks to the panelists for sharing their valuable experience.

I don’t suppose tracking your sales process is of interest? On the off chance it is I can be reached at


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