Salesforce Dream Force 2019 ReCap

TrailBlazerRolandDGAJan2019This local Trailblazer event was hosted by and at Roland DGA, Irvine CA. The gathering included the Developers Group, Salesforce Admin Group, and the Marketing Groups. First up was Jim Mitchel Architect from Visio who runs the Dev Group. He announced that Salesforce is launching a New Mobile App Feb 2020 this deployment will happen automatically for current Salesforce Mobile App users. One change is that Salesforce Admins will now have to grant access to the Mobile App using a permission set. The new app will improve the Expensing, be Smart, and customizable. IMG_6762

Salesforce will be open- sourcing Lightning Base Components.

New Salesforce Evergreen will combine Code & Low Code, with Apex, Java, and it will scale elastically. It will leverage server less architecture.

Salesforce will be Connecting API Portal,  Mule Soft APIs, All APIs & Documentation in One place similar to App Exchange.

Einstein: Added Vision & Language capabilities, multi lingual and OCR – Character Recognition Capabilities. IMG_6763

Blockchain will allow partners to connect in a trusted way.IMG_6764

Lightning Full Sandbox refresh in minutes not 12-24 hrs and Refresh on Demand. Data masking of confidential data in the sandbox automatically so you don’t have to do it manually and change all the email addresses. Nice Touch..!

Real Time Event Monitoring, of who did what when and where. No long drawn out mouse hunts to find out who took data they shouldn’t have.IMG_6765

The Next Presenter Guillermo Pedroni spoke about the new Calf Consumer Privacy Act. which is in effect Jan 1, 2020 and will start being enforces on July 1, 2020. There is a lot to it but in a nutshell from a non-lawyer if a consume requests info about their data that you have, you have 48 hours to comply… ouch. You also have to make sure that it is the right consumer who has a right to that info double ouch.

Macros now exist in Lightning at the user level.


The Trailblazers are planning an event called Salesforce Sat to help folks learn about Salesforce. The wonderful things this platform can do and the careers in it, copy the link on the slide below to learn more.IMG_6766

It was a great event with a lot of super networking. The pizza was very good as well as the prizes. Thanks to Roland DGA and all of the folks who worked so hard to put this event together.

On the off change you all are interested in seeing how Salesforce could benefit your organization feel free to contact me at

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Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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