B2B Marketers Meeting & Pardot Users


The first presentation was on how to use Engagement Studio to create a customer journey. from Raw Lead to Closed Won, Closed Lost or Recycled. DeDe Sabey  or Roland DGA was our presenter sharing her personal experiences. IMG_6795

She starts by  laying out her ideas for the customer journey – campaign in relation to their high level strategy. Then lays out the basic campaign in an excel spreadsheet to start the conversation with the team and key stake holders.


Once she has basic buy in its time to create a more detailed PowerPoint presentation with actual content. Creating good relevant content is the key to any successful marketing campaign – customer journey. This must all tie into the over all brand message and high level strategy of the company. IMG_6801

Once the team agrees on the detailed campaign further content development is needed as well as the detailed email schedule. Content must be relevant to the customers and the campaign at hand.  Scheduling the email touches is as much art as science and it must include blocking other touches such that the prospect does not receive too many emails or duplicates potentially from you own dealers. IMG_6804

Using engagement studio to create a member list that takes into account your sales model will prevent over contacting or neglecting the prospect. If the prospect is on the radar of your inside sales team you can limit or block them from being in a campaign. One can even include them in some emails but not all. IMG_6806

The suppression list is key to getting good data on how well your campaign – customer journey is doing. For example: Suppress anyone from your company URLs so they don’t get included in your Opens success rate.  Authors Note: One client of mine bragged about their high number of email Opens, upon further research I realized that number was skewed by the high number of opens by the marketing department & other employees.  Since our own people don’t buy out product all that often, it is not a good metric for success. IMG_6807

Karla Vance of Roland DGA did a second presentation. She noted several best practices are to make it timely for the audience, have a Clear CTA – Call To Action and get the whole team involved. IMG_6812

The type of email that works varies with the global geographic location. In General: N. Americas tend to like more text with some graphics. In Europe and S. America they prefer mostly text. In Asia Pacific the preference is jam packed with graphics like an advertising flyer. Know your potential markets preferences to generate a better chance of success.


Thanks to DeDe Sabey and Karla Vance for their presentations and Roland DGA for hosting this event.  Roland DGA manufactures printers that can do wraps and a wide variety of custom printing.

On the off chance any of this applies in your world it may be worth a quick conversation. Phil@salesforcemaven.com


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Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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