OC Trailblazer Event with Peter Coffee

2/10/2020 Vizio kindly hosted our packed event “A Night with Salesforce’s Peter Coffee”. IMG_7084 - Copy

Peter started the night going over the changing demographic of our society. The fastest growing group is the over 60 yrs olds. Our population segments used to look like a pyramid, nor it is more like a rectangle the narrows a bit at the top. The single largest group entering the workforce is women over 55 yrs old. Especially in technology this is causing HR Depts to melt down as their traditional approach is not finding the right people. He pointed out that what we learned in High School is out of date. Learning in Technology is out of date with in 2 years, so by the time you finish a college degree half that knowledge is out of date! He says Recent & Up to date Certifications that are derived from actual work based learning are becoming more valuable than a 4 yr degree. IMG_7081 - Copy

The paradyne is changing in the past it was very incremental. He used that example of how steam engines replaced horses. Then the electric motor replaced the steam engine. Yet it just wasn’t that simple, because if you just replaced the Steam Engine with a big electric motor you only got an incremental improvement. If instead you re-thought your factory and process you got an order of magnitude improvement. Because now you can power each machine individually with an electric motor, that can be turned off or on as needed and controlled to be most efficient for that machine and that process. Not only that you can re- do your whole process as machines can be moved to where they best fit in to an improved process. The whole process can change to much more efficient.IMG_7087

We are just beginning to see this applied to software. Don’t start by just doing what you were doing just now using better software instead think what can the software do and how can we build a whole new business process. If we could do anything what would that be. Not a better way to do old things try to improve. You can design this process with all the tools we now have. Take your current 22 step process and what steps can we get rid of using our technology rather than think how can I make each of the 22 steps faster.

“Fall in love with the problems you solve and have a job for life.”IMG_7096

Thanks again to Vizio and Peter Coffee for sharing your great insights.

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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