Don’t Let 19 ruin your 20

Don’t Let Covid 19 ruin your 2020…. This is NOT the New Normal

Building Your Post Virus Future Now..!

Just like the rest of us I have been cooped up in my home, alternating between being:  board, depressed, stressed out and distracted. A whole lot of my time has sad to say gone to waste,  chasing shiny objects, YouTube Videos, Wikipedia Rabbit Holes etc………  We are all facing a new experience being quarantined. This is like nothing within the living memory of most of us.  I remember my Mom talking about how in the 1930s if someone in the family had: Whooping Cough, Polio, Tuberculosis etc that the health department would post a notice on their door to quarantine everyone in the home. I thought those days were long gone. What is bothering me most is the uncertainty when will this end. Well I decided that I am Not letting this become My new normal. To paraphrase Winston Churchill If you are going through Hell… keep going don’t stay there..!

I read and article by the McKinsey Consulting Group and watched a webinar by Fisher Investments. They are both were confident that this will Virus Situation will come to an end, probably sooner that we think. Things will improve and we will all move on to a better future. So what do we do right now in the thick of it? One thing is to not beat myself up too much about my lack of productivity. Also going down Rabbit Holes is not productive.  The questions I have been asking myself this weekend are what can I do to move the needle in the right direction?

A number of ideas came to mind.  Until this all got started I had a regular schedule of activities based on my written Goals.

  1. Re-visit your goals and reset it to work to the best extent I can under the circumstances.  If you don’t have goals now’s the time to develop them My Take Goal Setting The Sandler Way 1 Goals 101
  2. List the parts of your goals that you can do then put them in your new schedule to do them.  For example I have a goal of doing 2 blog posts a month, there is nothing stopping me from getting way ahead, have the cued up and ready to go for the next several months in advance. There are plenty of Online Learning Opportunities, I have been taking a Sandler Sales Foundations Class ( Sandler Sales Free videos  and Fee Based  and Free Salesforce Trailhead Classes ( Salesforce Trailhead Free Classes)
  3. After you have clarified what you can do and scheduled work on it every day. One of the skills I learned from Sandler Sales Training is the Ideal Week.  That is a schedule day by day of my activities that in an Ideal World I would do to meet my goals. In my business that means: Cold Calls, Warm Calls, Networking, etc. I block out times every week for these and other activities. Life happens so if we hit 70 to 80% of our Ideal Week we are doing well. Review your adherence to your Ideal Week at the end of your week and track it. Hold yourself accountable by tracking how well you stick to your ideal week. As David Sandler Said either you are working on your Goals – Plan or someone elses.  IdealWeek
  4. Get an accountability partner share your Ideal Week with them. Schedule a phone call once a week to review your adherence to your Goals.

In my schedule & goals I have Business & Personal Goals. I also will make sure I have time for breaks to re-charge my battery, spend time with family (on the phone or web), take breaks from my work.

This situation is stressful and taking more breaks may be needed, they need to be constructive and time limited or we risk getting sucked down a Rabbit Hole. Don’t let that Rabbit Hole become your New Normal.   Those that invest there time wisely will come out of this stronger than the competition.

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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