Salesforce Salary Survey 2020

Mason Frank did a great salary survey. Over all the future of the salesforce ecosystem looks great for Salesforce Professionals. Throughout 2020 the number of calls from recruiters has gone up and down but to my surprise it never stopped. The market for experienced Salesforce Professionals it hot. There are plenty of big projects out there. Many companies after years of foot dragging are now forced into action by the pandemic. I have compiled some key bullet points for you, along with a link so you can download the whole survey.

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Respondents say:

95% feel the Salesforce Certifications matter

77% of Salesforce Professional have at least one certification

95% have earned 120 Trailhead Badges

54% Earned more badges during the pandemic

75% have grown their salary with a job change

74% feel valued at work

76% are happy with their career progress

Respondents said the top influences on your earning potential is:

  1. Years of experience with Salesforce
  2. Exposure to large progects
  3. Salesforce Certifications

Signifigant numbers of Salesforce professionals do not have a degree or a degree in IT – Computer Science. If you like working with logic, data bases, Spreadsheets, Excel, Access and are looking for work Salesforce might be a good career change. Contact Mason – Frank if you are a Salesforce Professional looking for a new opportunity.

Thanks again to Mason – Frank for a great survey.

Here is the link to the full study:

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Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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