Pandemic Selling – What’s Working Whats Not

With all that has gone on in 2020 I am always open to learning how folks are adapting. So I asked my friend Sales Coach Anthony Mayo what is working & not working in the sales world today? He said it is much easier to tell you what is not working. The pushy sales person was well on the way out already and now they don’t even get in. If your cold call starts with “Hi How Are Ya?” that means you. If your are talking and telling you aren’t selling. The tired old questions like “If I could Show you a way…?”, “What keeps you up at night?” etc. gets your prospects instantly turned off. People who are being pushed into sales and acting like the classic sales person are not doing well either.

I can't imagine your sales are being effected by Covid Chaos on the off chance they are read on...
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Well what is working? Anthony said that being open to changing your sales style and leaning into the discomfort of the Pandemic Crisis. First he says to get tuned in with the emotions your prospects are experiencing. This is the time to be emotionally tuned to how people are feeling. Acknowledging the shared difficulties we are all facing. Showing real interest in how they are coping with: Covid Chaos, Shut downs, Lock downs, and endless Zoom Meetings. Being emotionally open to sharing your feelings with them about our shared experiences. Showing empathy for the awkwardness of the situation we all find ourselves in.

How to do it? Get in tune with how your prospect is feeling. How are they coping with the personal and business stresses of Covid Chaos. Pay attention to and read the emotional situation as it unfolds. Most importantly listen much more than you talk. Recognize your prospects emotional needs need to be met before you can even consider starting the selling conversation. He suggested reading books on Emotional Intelligence, he liked a boo by Daniel Goleman link below:

Daniel Goleman

When cold calling for example, start with an opener that breaks the ice, that sounds nothing like what a typical salesperson would say. For Example: “Is this a bad time or an awful time…?” “Sorry I usually seem to call just when people are in the middle of another Zoom Meeting” “You probably were sitting there thinking I would rather talk to a sales person that go on another 2 hr Zoom Meeting ? “. With all this Chaos people are more open to having a “Real Conversation” be real with them not pitching them. A Lot of people are feeing vulnerable in these times they are feeling isolated and are open to a “Real” conversation.

Many of your prospects are looking for new ways to cope with these difficult times. That can open doors for sales that were not open before the pandemic. Share with your prospects what you and your company have found is working and what’s not working. Like I am in this post. Kindly comment and share your findings in the comment section below.

To contact Sales Coach Anthony Mayo, Office (949) 450-1425 or

To contact Sales Coach Anthony Mayo, Office (949) 450-1425 or

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