“Giving Powerful Virtual Presentations” Webinar Notes

Recienlty I attended the “Giving Powerful Virtual Presentations” Webinar by Sander Sales (www.sandler.com) hosted by VP Mike Montegue. He said we are all struggling with trying to get business done while attending endless online meetings. It is one thing to attend one, presenting one it is a whole different animal. This presentation was a huge help to me on ways to improve my online presentations. The is the link to the full presentation is at the end of this artical. Here is are my key notes.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

If you are using the camera on your laptop make sure it is at eye level, no one wants to look up your nose or down on to the top of your head – shiny bald spot for us guys. Tip: Try your camera in advance to see you you look and watch yourself in the window as you present. Tip: Clothing with Solid Colors are better than patterns and match your clothing to how you look best with your lighting. Good bright lighting helps.

Look directly at and talk to the camera as if you are talking to the person on the other end. Have your notes just above or just below the camera it you need them. Tip: Put a sticker note with a Smiley Face or arrow saying look here.

Prep a lot up front, and Prepare a lot up front…! Then Prepare again. Tip: Rehearse with a trusted partner.

Bring up any potential tech issues at the start of the presentation, like potential bandwidth issues. Better yet upgrade your equipment and bandwidth. Spend more money on tech than you do parking a the airport. Tip: Wired cat 5 cable is faster than wifi.

Set up your office so it has a back drop or a background that looks professional and is Not a distraction. Tip: Some folks use virtual backgrounds , for example a Google image of the prospects front office lobby or building. Good lighting is almost as important as a good camera

Remember 38% of your message is Audio have a good headset or mike they aren’t all that expensive. Background noise Always Sounds Louder not the other end. Tip: Ask how your audio sounds on a scale of 1-10 anything less than 9 means you need to upgrade.

When using Slides less is better, like a Comic strip just the headline you fill in the rest with your presentation. Tip: Use simple Images usually one per slide

Large text remember some folks are watching it on a phone screen…! Tip: the older the audience the larger the text should be.

Put Boom in your Zoom, not death by PowerPoint. Engage your audience, Tip: get them talking interacting using emoji, polls, open ended discussion, etc

By the last 10% of your presentation you start setting the stage for landing the plane, that is the Decision step, Post Sell. and Define Next Steps. Tip: if you end without a clear next step like send over a contract and let’s get started, or scheduled a meeting with a clear agenda to procede. You made poor use of your time.

A Big Thanks to Sandler Sales for this Free Webinar on how to Improve your selling using online meetings.

Webinar Link: Here is the link to the full presentation: http://Here is the link to the full presentation: https://sandler.zoom.us/rec/share/v0ffZkE7UI-dzHpCchkWcRkCTkhxC0mQrLvZQq4VoHeUCAddg-p0C0NJ8Ai1roo.qq1cl0mzOZB6EKU1)

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