It’s The First Work Day of The Year Got Goals ?

It’s dawn on the first work day of the year as I write this post. I remember my Sandler Sales Training Coach saying you are working on part of your goals or someone else goals. Maybe that other person has our needs in mind, maybe not. It is not too late to set some goals and get focused. One big reason people don’t set goals is fear. Because if you set a goal you can fail by not accomplishing it. Fear not even a partly achieved goal is a success, it is often accomplishing more than if you had not set a goal.

Some folks set huge goals partly or fully accomplish them and feel better about it. Others set goals and have to achieve or over achieve them. When it coms to goal setting learn what works for you. Early on in your goal setting it often makes sense to set very achievable goals and hit them. Nothing succeeds like success, gather up a series of personal victories. It is also ok to have big goals that are never achieved, like personal development, spiritual development, etc.

I started out because of an audio recording by Brian Tracy on success and how to achieve it. He said once you put your goals on paper your brain gets to working on achieving them. He quoted Napoleon Hill “Anything them mind can conceive and believe you can achieve” I wrote three goals on a scrap of paper. Kept that scrap on my counter where I would see it every day. I achieved those goal, and now many years later I still have that scrap of paper and take inspiration from it.

Another lesson I learned from Brian Tracy is to make a list of Frogs to Eat each day. No not real frogs, it is a metaphor referring to an old Russian Saying. “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be better”. Do the hard thing you don’t feel like doing right away and the rest of the day becomes easy. Like me writing the blog post at dawn. Here are a few resources:

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    Thank you for sharing!

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