Salesforce Dream Force 2019 ReCap

TrailBlazerRolandDGAJan2019This local Trailblazer event was hosted by and at Roland DGA, Irvine CA. The gathering included the Developers Group, Salesforce Admin Group, and the Marketing Groups. First up was Jim Mitchel Architect from Visio who runs the Dev Group. He announced that Salesforce is launching a New Mobile App Feb 2020 this deployment will happen automatically for current Salesforce Mobile App users. One change is that Salesforce Admins will now have to grant access to the Mobile App using a permission set. The new app will improve the Expensing, be Smart, and customizable. IMG_6762

Salesforce will be open- sourcing Lightning Base Components.

New Salesforce Evergreen will combine Code & Low Code, with Apex, Java, and it will scale elastically. It will leverage server less architecture.

Salesforce will be Connecting API Portal,  Mule Soft APIs, All APIs & Documentation in One place similar to App Exchange.

Einstein: Added Vision & Language capabilities, multi lingual and OCR – Character Recognition Capabilities. IMG_6763

Blockchain will allow partners to connect in a trusted way.IMG_6764

Lightning Full Sandbox refresh in minutes not 12-24 hrs and Refresh on Demand. Data masking of confidential data in the sandbox automatically so you don’t have to do it manually and change all the email addresses. Nice Touch..!

Real Time Event Monitoring, of who did what when and where. No long drawn out mouse hunts to find out who took data they shouldn’t have.IMG_6765

The Next Presenter Guillermo Pedroni spoke about the new Calf Consumer Privacy Act. which is in effect Jan 1, 2020 and will start being enforces on July 1, 2020. There is a lot to it but in a nutshell from a non-lawyer if a consume requests info about their data that you have, you have 48 hours to comply… ouch. You also have to make sure that it is the right consumer who has a right to that info double ouch.

Macros now exist in Lightning at the user level.


The Trailblazers are planning an event called Salesforce Sat to help folks learn about Salesforce. The wonderful things this platform can do and the careers in it, copy the link on the slide below to learn more.IMG_6766

It was a great event with a lot of super networking. The pizza was very good as well as the prizes. Thanks to Roland DGA and all of the folks who worked so hard to put this event together.

On the off change you all are interested in seeing how Salesforce could benefit your organization feel free to contact me at

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Selling Psychology

The head game of selling Soc of Inside Sales Prof Meeting 12/3/2019


First I want to thank Ring DNA the sponsor of this fascinating event.

The panel consisted of:  William Tyree Chief Marketing Officer at Ring DNA  and Laura Santopietro Client Partner & Debbie Renshaw Client Partner both from Franklin Covey. Our leader an MC for the night was Dione Mischler Assoc of Inside Sales Prof. 

The topic was on the Psychology & Mental game of sales. They focused on how each person or team deals with the ups and downs of their selling life. A lot of Sales People focus on what to say “Their Pitch”, when to close, or getting a good prospect list, that is techniques.  Even the best “Pitch” won’t work if you head isn’t in the game. Most Sales People put on a bold front, always positive and enthusiastic, yet on the inside may be struggling with a slump. Our Panel gave great advise on how to keep the positive momentum going.  What follows is based on my notes and my best recollection of who said what, my apologies in advance for the mis-quotes .

Ring Central: Separate the Professional you from the Personal you. You are a valuable person no matter what, if you are having a successful sales day or not. Leave your professional Sales Day in the office, don’t bring a bad day home.


Franklin Covey: Its a fact 88% of people don’t like change, selling involves change, new products – new services. Get comfortable with this fact of life, and gently guide prospects & new customers though the discomfort.

Set your goals and have a process for Public  Accountability for 1-2 things a week. For some teams that’s a one on one for others its a personal goal board, some use public score boards.

Mission statement, you need higher vision to drive for something bigger to shoot for.  Tie team members business goals to their personal goals.  Their personal mission statement, helps them define their why for doing the hard work of sales. In sales we face a lot of rejection, we will hit headwinds, don’t try the make a fast 180 turn instead correct 1 degree at a time.

Our Brain is a muscle focus on proactive good thoughts.  Personalize your sales prospecting, send birthday cards with personal greetings with handwritten signatures

Ring Central: Sales is more like a batting average, missing 60% of the time, and hitting 40% is outstanding. It’s that you go up to bat and take your swings consistently, that activity will yield the results.  Keep prospecting no matter the results, in sales we hear no a lot, thats ok it is the path to the yes.

Franklin Covey: Do a 1 hr call blitz as a team put it on zoom so  you can see each other but put it on mute…!  Focus it on a specific target audience, for a specific product.

Dionne: Suggestions on, Dealing with Call Reluctance.

Franklin Covey:  It doesn’t have to be perfect “Just Do The Calls”, short simple works best. You can do a personal call blitz. If a team members numbers are down down its usually due to lack of activity “Calling Activity’, in last 90 days. We have tracked it and it rings true. Track your activity, in a day planner, a calendar a CRM, analyze it find out what works for you.

Be proactive, bring you own weather, puts you in control of your sales day. Make your customers feel that they are engaged with with a professional trusted adviser.

Be Grateful have and have an attitude of Gratitude

Put a space between the Emotional stimulus and your response. Give yourself and incentive, no coffee before your first call is done. Get in a cadence every day, schedule out your prospecting activity on set times and days. Mix it up, discover what works best.

Use paper lists, electronic lists, a CRM, in those layout tasks that move each potential sale one on to the next step.

Ring Central: Employee engagement, make everyone feel that they are a valued member of a winning team. Treat sales as doing meaningful work that is valued by the company and the customer.

Thanks to the panelists for sharing their valuable experience.

I don’t suppose tracking your sales process is of interest? On the off chance it is I can be reached at


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Dawn 2020 Goals … Whats Your Why ?


Jan 1, 2020 will dawn and how the rest of the year plays out is up to you.

Me I start on my annual goals in November for the next year. There are also long term goals that were planned and laid out 10 + years ago.  As an ancient sage from the east once said the best time to plant an orchard was 20 years ago then next best time is NOW.  The decisions made years ago are now the bountiful harvest of today.  If you are looking for GRQ that is “Get Rich Quick” go back to watching Cat Vids on youtube.

The successful folks I know all did the GSS…. “Got Successful Steadily” and I am going to use two 4 letter works sorry if you get offended “Hard” Work”. Hard work, a good set goals and steady progress will get you to success.  Yet so few people have written goals they just wing it, no goals, no written plan just hope it will all work out. I shouldn’t be surprised that the average American bought $1,000 in lottery tickets last year.

A lot of folks seek success, those that have plans & goals often find success. So what keeps people from setting up a plan with measurable goals? I am no expert at best an observer so here are a few insights.

  1. Fear yes the granddaddy of the all. The fear that if I set goals and miss the target that one feels like more of a failure. Counter that with: Revel in the Goals you did achieve! Also fear of success – being out side of your comfort zone.  Counter that with leaning into the discomfort, focus on the results, you only need 5 min of bravery every so often, not all the time.
  2. Hard Work, anything worth doing is going to take hard work sorry not free lunch here. Instead of looking at all the work it will take. Counter that with breaking the goals down into weekly small tasks. Measure the progress some folks like to have something psychical like marking a paper calendar other use electronic means. Find out what works for you.
  3. They don’t know anyone else that does planning & goals. Counter that with finding like minded people. To grow to the next level hang with people in the next level. Because as Brian Tracy said You can’t soar with eagles if your on the ground scratching with Turkeys.
  4. We all hit the ups and downs of live you need a strong Why to keep you moving when you hit the downs. Counter the downs with reviewing and renewing your strong Why. Listen to Motivational Speakers like:
    1.  TONY ROBBINS: How to Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost
    2.  Jim Rohn Self Discipline
    3. Brian Tracy SMART Goals


A good plan needs to be clear enough to set your direction yet be flexible in it’s execution. As I have progressed in my goal setting life. I have found that the fuel for accomplishing my goals is having my a strong why.  As Sandler Sales Coach Anthony Mayo told me “When you have strong why the How is no problem” Chris Jennings of Sandler Sales told our class a story about a Sales Colleague that went from being an average performer to a super star, he was unstoppable, never took a break, tripled his income. He asked him what changed, his answer was that he found out that he had a debilitating disease and in a few short years would not even be able to work at all. So he was determined to build a nest egg for his family while he could.  Your why need not be as worrisome. It has to be your why take the time to determine your why and your how will be no problem.

On the off chance tracking your sales goals using a CRM is of interest, it might worth a quick conversation.

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My Take Goal Setting The Sandler Way 2

Six Steps to Setting Goals the Sandler Way: Part 2 of 2

2020Goals_23. Create a Cook Book as a Recipe for your success. We need beliefs to sustain our actions and daily behaviors to maintain progress towards our goal. Set our your yearly goals, break them down into monthly activities, now schedule out when with specific dates & times that you are going to do those activities during your week. Then track your progress as you do them.

Make your goals SMART Goals:

A. Specific

B. Measurable

C. Attainable – Achievable

D. Relevent

E. Timely – Time Bound

What we do every day is what will get us to our goals. Our bigger goals are in reality achieved one day at a time. To loosely quote Robbin Sharma “Our Day is our life lived in miniature”. What’s nice about Specific & Measurable Goals is we can see our progress.  By being Achievable & Realistic we feel that we can accomplish them, our believe is key. Time Bound gives us reason to stay on target, as some day never come. The progress becomes enjoyable, do you value it? Your Why is tied to your commitment especially when you are lagging. Find that Commitment your Strong Why. Use I statements: “I will _____ by ______(due date) or I commit to______.  Now Do it.

5. Become the new you, who do you need to become to accomplish these goals? Define that new person that you will be. What Skills, Behaviors, Beliefs, Success, you will need. Decide that you deserve those Skills, Behaviors, Beliefs, Success. Where am I now, who do I need to become, dump the Beliefs, Behaviors and Head Trash that is holding you back. “It is better to imitate success genuinely, than to do original mediocrity” Mike Montague VP Sandler Sales Training.

6. Burn Your Bridges. Share your goals publicly that creates accountability. Find a trusted advisor or accountability partner to help keep you on track. Cultivate your support group, folks that are like minded. My Sandler Coach Mike Henigman said “If your a $100,000 sales producer, hang with $1,000,000 producer, if your a $1,000,000 sales producer hang with $10,000,000 producers” You can’t get to the next step hanging with folks with the same thinking. You absorb their thinking and beliefs via Osmosis. Write notes to your future self saying: You can thank the past me for: Dieting, Exercise, Investing in the Future.

Use mindfulness – meditation to see the thoughts you are feeding yourself. You can choose positive self talk. Mindful priming of your brain focuses us. Prime your brain by visualizing Your Goals as Acomplished. Keep a journal focues on the positives, do it weekly. Watch your inputs what you let into your head.

When to quit, when the goal you set is no longer what you want.

Finally, You don’t get ahead by being comfortable, it is Ok to be uncomfortable throughout the process. Keep Climbing.

On the off chance you are considering tracking your goals on a CRM it might be worth a brief discussion with the author.

This post is based on a recent podcast by Sandler Sales Training VP Mike Montague, at or locally here in Southern California





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My Take Goal Setting The Sandler Way 1

Six Steps to Setting Goals the Sandler Way: Part 1 of 22020Goals_1

“Goal setting is your GPS to Successes” Mike Montague VP Online Training – Sandler Sales Training. Goals are not a pipedream or a taskmaster according to Mike. We tend to over estimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a month.  Our Behaviors lead to  Actions that drive us to reach our Goals and get Results.  Many folks think that Attitude is everything. Attitudes are tied to emotions and they in flux. Techniques take time to learn, practice and instill into who we are.  But Behavior is the one thing we can immediately control. Doing the Behaviors that drive your goals forward will result in a better Attitude and Techniques.

  1. One of the things that often gets missed in Goal setting is the Emotion part. We are Emotional Creatures. “When you have a Strong Why the how is no problem” Anthony Mayo Sandler Coach. When the Why is tied to Strong Emotions you are unstoppable. One way I time my Goals to my Emotions is with a Goal Board and I keep a picture of me & my sons in my folio. Any time I have tough sales call I look at My Goal Board and the Picture of me and my sons, that drives me on.  You can only gut it our so long, find your strong emotional why.
  2. Take stock of your current reality. Start with what you bring to the table. Look at your past self, and don’t believe everything you think. It takes new thinking to get new results. “When you look at things differently they look different” Max Plank Look at the following 8 areas of your life.
    1. Social – Community
    2. Health – Fitness
    3. Spiritual
    4. Finical – Retirement
    5. Educational – Mental
    6. Career – Business
    7. Relationships – Family
    8. Personal – Recreation
  3. Define Your Dreams. Dream Big ….. Not Crazy. Don’t let old tapes/CD/MP3s play in your head. That old stuff is Old Thinking, make a concerted effort to dump the stinking thinking also know as Head Trash. If there is anything that hold people back more than Self Limiting beliefs I don’t know what it is, dump this Head Trash. It is living in the world of I Can’t rather than the world of I Can and I will. Pretend that these old Bias do not exist anymore, that’s the old you. Where it starts is how you talk to yourself in you head. Be kind, be your own biggest cheer leader. Thinking small is often fear, fear of failure, fear of what others think,  (folks don’t think about you as much as you think the are too busy thinking about themselves) and fear of success. Oddly enough success can be fearful for some of us because it puts us outside our comfort zone.  The sky is our limit, think big, think long some 10 years out. Where do you want to be ten years from now….? Do nothing and 10 years will pass, do you want to be part of your plan or someone else’s  …?

On the off chance you want to track you progress towards you goals using a CRM you may want to have a short conversation with the Author at

That’s the end of Part 1. This post is based on a podcast by Sandler Sales Training on 11/21/2019 for more information about Sandler Sales Training go to or


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2020 Goals A Billionaires Perspective.

I have had the good fortune to have an acquaintance that is a Billionaire, in fact he is on the Forbes 500 list. One of his tweets recently was about Goal Setting. He asked how many of his followers had written goals. I replied that I have done written goals with tasks, milestones with weekly and monthly tracking and done so for many years. His response was “That puts you way, way ahead”, Ken Fisher.  I would have to agree with him, the goals I put down in writing happen, the rest are little more that vague wishes. It has made a huge difference in my life, both personally and financially.  2020Goals

I have to credit Brian Tracy for really stimulating me to set written goals. I was listening to his sales audio recordings and he put a strong emphasis on written goals. Thanks Brian.

To loosely Quote Dave Ramsey Kids are impulsive and do what’s fun, Adults delay gratification and do what needs to be done.

During a conversation with Self-Made Multi -Millionaire Xuan Nguyen he quoted an ancient Asian Proverb “The best time to plant an Orchard was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW.!” Xuan came here as a refugee from Vietnam with little more than the the shirt on his back. He mentions one of his early jobs as being a Social Worker helping other Vietnamese refuges making $12,000 a year.  Hard work and setting goals took him to where he is.

All of the Goal Setting Gurus say one thing in common say the best time to start is NOW.  Here’s a few guides to get you all started.

Brian Tracy’s guide: 

( )

Tips from Tom Hopkins:

Goals help you discipline yourself to achieve what you desire. Desire, without discipline, leads to disappointment, disillusionment, and depression. And no one wants to go there. 

I discovered several criteria for setting achievable goals. I’m happy to share them with you here. Your goals must be:

1. Better than your best, but believable. If you can’t even imagine achieving them, you won’t take the steps necessary to do so.

2. Worth committing to. Don’t set a goal for something frivolous just to set a goal. You ARE going to commit time to achieving them so make them worth your time.

3. Clearly defined. Don’t write that you’ll buy a new car with cash. Write out a detailed description of the car including make, model, color, and any other option you want.

4. Vividly imagined. If you can’t close your eyes and see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the object of your goals, keep writing until you can. Be so descriptive that another person could read the description and know exactly what you’re talking about.

5. Ardently desired. It’s about having an intense passion for your goals. You don’t just “want” them. You “have to have” them.

6. In writing.

Set goals for what you want to be, do, and have in your life.

Tom Hopkins at

#goals #goalsetting #success #motivation

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Digital Leverage

“In finance, leverage is any technique involving the use of debt rather than fresh equity in the purchase of an asset, with the expectation that the after-tax profit to equity holders from the transaction …” Wikipedia

The whole idea with Financial Leverage is to often use Opium – OPM ie Other Peoples Money borrowed at a Low Rate aka Bonds and use it to buy a business making more percentage wise than the cost of borrowing the spread between the bond and the business profitability is pure profit. This model has made billions of dollars.   This model is not without a lot of risk as when there is an economic downturn the business profits can evaporate and so does the means to pay back the loan an ouch for the debt holder.

What I am now seeing is Digital Leverage which is much less risky as the Debt involved is Technical Dept. and development costs.  Lets say a Video hosting business processes transactions manually as the business grows so will the need for more people to process the sales.  Your margin will stay the same and maybe even shrink . Lets say instead you automate the whole process using Salesforce as the platform.  The customer has their own portal, login etc. As your business grows you may at some point need to add more licences, more server space etc. But the costs grow much slower than your revenue, that is the power of digital leverage.

Automation plays a big part in this process, and now it is available to even a small single location business.  I am seeing even complex human intensive processes now being automated. In the past it took building a factory, adding & training people etc to grow a business all of which took a long ramp up period. The volume of business will not be the limiting factor, with digital leverage as it scales automatically.

Where does it work? in most any process that is routinely performed by officer workers.  Think of process intense businesses, like Banks approving loans, applying for most anything, ordering products & services. We are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg. I don’t suppose any of this applies in your situation ? It may be worth a fast phone call.

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