Pandemic Selling – What’s Working Whats Not

With all that has gone on in 2020 I am always open to learning how folks are adapting. So I asked my friend Sales Coach Anthony Mayo what is working & not working in the sales world today? He said it is much easier to tell you what is not working. The pushy sales person was well on the way out already and now they don’t even get in. If your cold call starts with “Hi How Are Ya?” that means you. If your are talking and telling you aren’t selling. The tired old questions like “If I could Show you a way…?”, “What keeps you up at night?” etc. gets your prospects instantly turned off. People who are being pushed into sales and acting like the classic sales person are not doing well either.

I can't imagine your sales are being effected by Covid Chaos on the off chance they are read on...
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Well what is working? Anthony said that being open to changing your sales style and leaning into the discomfort of the Pandemic Crisis. First he says to get tuned in with the emotions your prospects are experiencing. This is the time to be emotionally tuned to how people are feeling. Acknowledging the shared difficulties we are all facing. Showing real interest in how they are coping with: Covid Chaos, Shut downs, Lock downs, and endless Zoom Meetings. Being emotionally open to sharing your feelings with them about our shared experiences. Showing empathy for the awkwardness of the situation we all find ourselves in.

How to do it? Get in tune with how your prospect is feeling. How are they coping with the personal and business stresses of Covid Chaos. Pay attention to and read the emotional situation as it unfolds. Most importantly listen much more than you talk. Recognize your prospects emotional needs need to be met before you can even consider starting the selling conversation. He suggested reading books on Emotional Intelligence, he liked a boo by Daniel Goleman link below:

Daniel Goleman

When cold calling for example, start with an opener that breaks the ice, that sounds nothing like what a typical salesperson would say. For Example: “Is this a bad time or an awful time…?” “Sorry I usually seem to call just when people are in the middle of another Zoom Meeting” “You probably were sitting there thinking I would rather talk to a sales person that go on another 2 hr Zoom Meeting ? “. With all this Chaos people are more open to having a “Real Conversation” be real with them not pitching them. A Lot of people are feeing vulnerable in these times they are feeling isolated and are open to a “Real” conversation.

Many of your prospects are looking for new ways to cope with these difficult times. That can open doors for sales that were not open before the pandemic. Share with your prospects what you and your company have found is working and what’s not working. Like I am in this post. Kindly comment and share your findings in the comment section below.

To contact Sales Coach Anthony Mayo, Office (949) 450-1425 or

To contact Sales Coach Anthony Mayo, Office (949) 450-1425 or

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What to do first CRM or Sale Process

I was listening to a pod cast by Dave Mattson CEO of Sandler Sales Training about best practices in sales and implementing CRMs. Seeing that I am a Salesforce CRM Consultant the topic piqued my interest. Dave spoke about a converstation he had with a CEO about whether he should implement a CRM first or do Sandler Sales Training & implement a sales process first. There were many pros and cons going either way. The CEO decided to do the Salesforce CRM first. Not the answer he was hoping for, but Dave pivoted.

Dave agreed then said now that it is over he asked the CEO if he could take off his sales hat and put on his consultant hat. The CEO said Ok. Dave said I love CRMs and Salesforce in particular. What sales process is the CRM going to track? Each sales person will be working out of their own bag of tricks, there will be as many processes as you have sales people. What is the CRM going to measure? you will find that the Sales team will not want to do the data entry because the won’t feel that they are getting anything out of it. They will rebel and the CRM implementation will fail.

If you do a Sales Process and Training First then implement the CRM it will match your process. The CRM will be tailored to that process and will measure that process. Having a sales process will allow you to know were things are going right and going wrong, that allows your to make changes early on. Everyone will be on the same page tracking measurable results. We can track their behaviors which is the only thing we have control of in the CRM.

Well being a Salesforce CRM consultant naturally I favored CRM after listening to Dave he is right. Process always comes before implementing the Software any software. Its like giving your teenager a Ferrari to learn to drive, it won’t turn out well. Get the driving process well in hand before getting the sports car.

After you have your sales process nailed down we may want to talk, feel free to contact me at

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Forecast 2021- 2022 Politics, Jobs, Salaries

The big difference between 2020 and 2021-2022 is we will see a period of falling uncertainty. There are a lot of good things on the horizon. I will take my best guess at Politics, Jobs, and Salaries.

Looking Foreword to 2021 – 21 by Phil Sallaway Copyright 2020


As the political season winds down we will see falling uncertainty. Why, well it looks like neither party will have a strong majority in either house of congress. The Democrats lost seats in the house and the Republicans lost seats in the Senate. It seams likely that gridlock will prevail. Which oddly enough is a good thing. The press will jump up and down screaming nothing will get done. Well is that a bad thing? I will loosely quote that famous policical philosopher Mark Twain, No mans freedom or property rights are safe while congress is in session. With gridlock we gain a degree of certainty that congress won’t change the rules, by giving an advantage to one group at the expense of another group. This greatly reduces the number of unknowns we all face.

It is not likely that any major political changes will happen. The only laws that will get passed are those that have broad bi-partisan support. Considering the polarization we have politicly there isn’t much that has any level of broad support. Anything that does go through both houses will be very watered down. Which reduces uncertainty, making decisions going forward a bit easier. Looking further down the road, when mid-term elections happen in 2 years it may further cement gridlock. Usually the presidents party looses seats in the house and senate. We may even see one or both flip parties. Even so it will still probably be by a slim margin. We may be looking at 4 years of gridlock. We may see a repeat of President Bill Clinton’s 2nd term good times for most.


With the Covid vaccine coming on board, we can expect a roll out over the next 3 months or so. As the population gains immunity we will see a big decline in uncertainty. Businesses and Consumers that have been holding off spending will loosen their purse strings. Look to this trend starting near the end of the first Quarter 2021. Many Jobs will come back a some will not. Service workers, Arts Entertainment Media, Small Business, Construction, Sales, Transportation, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Healthcare, Clerical and many low skill services jobs have faired poorly no secret there. Once businesses get used to having fewer employees it will be hard to justify filling positions that have been vacant for 9 plus months.


Businesses in the weak areas have learned to do with less or gone out of business. Many of these jobs will not come back and there will be pressure on salaries to stay low due to plenty of workers all competing for the same jobs. No incentive to increase wages or benefits. The pressure on wages will slowly slacken. Although like we saw back in 2008 there will be a lag in some cases – some sectors for a year or two. A lot of business lost out on good hires because they thought they could low ball employees 3-4 years after the great recession of 2008. A recruiter friend of mine had to reminded more than a few hiring managers that the Recession Salary & Benefit discount was over. Now is good time to hire good talent or upgrade the talent you have. As hiring and salaries pick up that too will greatly reduce the uncertainty about our lives.

The good news it those in the areas that have done well during this period of work at home will be in good stead in the short term There is even an uptick of hiring for jobs that automate business processes Think Salesforce. But this opens the door to a major change in business models. If a job can be done from home, does it matter where that workers home is? Will it matter if that home is domestic or could that home worker be in a low cost foreign market? Knowledge workers are not safe from global competition anymore. I have seen some salary pressure here but not as much as in other areas. Now is the the time to up-skill learn new skills to remain valuable in the job market.


The next 2 to 4 years look good for those of us in the business world. Don’t get districted by the press who will be desperately looking for the next pandemic or crisis to scream about, don’t buy it. The news is all about If it Bleeds it Leads. We will do just fine if we have adapted to the new environment and work for companies that are in growth areas that is doubly so. It is an excellent time to hone your existing skills and learn new ones.

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Happening This Week.! Gold Time Best Time to Cold Call

You can’t call after 9:00AM because the gate keeper is in, or Call at Noon because the Regular Gate Keeper is at lunch, or Call After 5:00PM because the gate keeper has gone home. Call on Saturday that’s when the executives are in the office making plans. They are all good advice IF they Work for you…. Do you track your call success? If not you are just guessing. Get serious about your cold calling and go to the bank or stay Hungry it is up to you.

I have tracked my cold calling success for years and your CRM is a great way to do it. As for me Silver Time for calling the C-Level is Friday afternoon, the later the better. Yes well after 4:00PM – 5:00PM not a gate keeper to be found. Yes if they are in they pick up because what crazy sales person calls after 4:00PM on a Fri….. those that are crazy like a Fox. Next we talk about Gold Time.

Photo by Michael Steinberg on

You probably won’t like it, think I am nuts, that’s ok read on. Now for Gold time it only happens a few days of the year. Those special days when most sales people have called it quits by 5:00PM The Day Before !. A lot of folks won’t be in the folks you catch will talk to you. Folks you would Never have a chance of getting to, at the C-Level. I am talking about calling the day before major holidays. Like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas, the day before Easter weekend. Try it is works, and as a bonus remember, No One Ever Died form Making Cold Calls….. so far anyway.

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Is Networking … NOTworking For You?

Well we can agree that 2020 was a year where networking was to say the least challenging. If your only method of networking – prospecting involved: meetings, trade shows, walk in’s etc. that is NotWorking. My Sandler Sales coaches over the years have all emphasized that I had to have 5 good consistent prospecting activities. They said mix it up for example: Cold Calling, Walk ins’, Call Past Clients, Asking For Referrals & Introductions, Running Lunch & Learns, Reaching Out to Linkedin Contacts, etc. (I will do a whole blog post on Prospecting) Weather you are looking for a job or prospecting for a sale mix it up. If you are calling on the same folks, going to the same events that are more social than networking for prospects you aren’t networking you are NotWorking and it is costing you money.

Networking Salesforce Event hosted by Visio with Peter Coffee of Salesforce Copyright Phil Sallaway 2019

My coach Mike was a master of activity tracking. He had me tracking my activities then tying my sales to the activities that generated the business. For cold calls he had me track the time of day, day of the week, had me using 2 – 3 different Pattern Interrupts and 30 sec elevator pitches to see which worked best. Over time I learned what worked for me and over time what worked changed. Never stop iterating. If you are not tracking you are leaving money on the table. A CRM is a great way to track your sales success and failures. Failures are important so we stop doing them.

What worked ? well for many folks it was back to the future, cold calling using the phone. Yup for the first few months of the pandemic I found that cold calling and using phone calls to network one on one worked like a charm. People were picking up the phone and actually anxious to talk. That has faded some, yet it is still a viable option. As David Sandler said: ” You Never have to wait in line to Cold Call”. Having a good pattern interrupt to start the call is a huge help. If you are saying” Hi How Are Ya… ” you reek of sales stink and will get dumped fast even now. A great Sandler Sales approach is: Hey it’s Joe did I catch you a a Bad time ?” (Ask your self when is it a good time to get a Sales call?). Or pick some other opening that is not what the average caller is saying. To learn more about pattern interrupts and cold calling you may want to try:

A lot of folks have started using online selling using video tools like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft teams. These work once you can get an appointment with the prospect. So get good at your game of cold calling and reaching out using email, Linkedin, asking for introductions from your network etc. Here are some pod casts for your listening pleasure.

Introductions and Referrals are best and easiest calls to make. The number one reason people don’t get referrals & introductions? They do not ask for them. Here is a great pod cast on some ways to ask.

It is up to you to decide if your Networking – Prospecting is Working or NotWorking. On the off chance anyone is looking for a method of tracking their success feel free to contact me.

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It Really IS Different This Time….. Sales 2021 – Covid Chaos

Some years ago I remember sitting in a Marriott Banquet Hall in Los Angeles, CA with about 1000 other high net worth individuals listening to Ken Fisher’s presentation on the Stock Market. He was discussing historical booms & crashes. As he came to the boom in 2000 Ken said here are the 4 most dangerous words in investing: “It’s Different This Time.” Ken was right, he avoided the now long Dot.Gone heard of stocks. Sound advice when dealing with popularized booms and eventually Busts. If you go with the herd you end up with average at best or going off the cliff with the other Lemmings at worst. So I am not by any means an expert on Stock Markets. I will leave that to experts like Ken Fisher – Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch etc.

Where I have some knowledge and have seen a shift that I believe will have a permeant change in Sales is due to Covid. Ok Capt. Obvious here. Yet there are folks who are looking forward to and expecting things will go back to “Normal”. Yet there was a trend for some years beforehand towards a reduction in the number of sales people. The trend was towards inside sales teams and automating the Marketing & Sales process. I have been Salesforce Consultant for 10 years, I have never seen the rapid adopting I am seeing right now.

Peter Coffee Presentation to Orange County Salesforce User Group 2019

The technology to automate much of the sales process has been at hand for at least 10 years. Yet adoption of any new technology tends to be slow. Not because the tech is not ready it is the people who are not ready. Usually because upper level management are often hobbled by their own experiences, education and background. From my own experience selling Industrial Sensors to Petro-chemical plants the local sales rep often commented that we can’t sell to that plant until the head engineer retires, dies, there is an accident or an explosion. Well in the sales world Covid was that explosion. It is either adopt Technology fast or you are out of business. Once the cost of tech is sunk in, it is highly unlikely things will go back to “Normal” So yes it is different this time.

How can technology automate sales process. Well in the old west there was a saying “It wasn’t the constitution that made all men equal it was Colonel Colt with the Colt 45 that did” Technology to automate your sales process is available to even modest Ma & Pa businesses. Using Marketing Cloud with Salesforce you can automate the qualification side of your business. PreQualify your Prospects into Sales Qualified Leads that are already warmed up. According to a recent Salesforce Study Gen Z and Millennials both grew up in a world were everyone had a computer. They highly prefer doing most all of their shopping & business on their mobile devices. Ask your self if selling is done using automation, bots and video conferences does it need to be done locally? Does your sales team even need to be domestic? Just think of how many tech support call centers have moved overseas. Just think of what that portends for how future sales will be conducted.

Some few folks will return to the old way of doing things for a time. It won’t last, the change that was steadily occurring towards automation has been accelerated, it is unstoppable now. What is a Sales leader to do? Pivot to a more Technology, CRM – E-Marketing approach ASAP. Lead, move or get out of the way. Let go or be dragged to the un-employment line. In this Covid Chaos there is opportunity.

How to do it, on a personal level Salesforce offers Free online training at:

Yes Virginia it is different this time. On the off chance any of this is going on in your world it might be worth a conversation feel free to contact me.

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Salesforce Salary Survey 2020

Mason Frank did a great salary survey. Over all the future of the salesforce ecosystem looks great for Salesforce Professionals. Throughout 2020 the number of calls from recruiters has gone up and down but to my surprise it never stopped. The market for experienced Salesforce Professionals it hot. There are plenty of big projects out there. Many companies after years of foot dragging are now forced into action by the pandemic. I have compiled some key bullet points for you, along with a link so you can download the whole survey.

Learn Salesforce for Free at

Respondents say:

95% feel the Salesforce Certifications matter

77% of Salesforce Professional have at least one certification

95% have earned 120 Trailhead Badges

54% Earned more badges during the pandemic

75% have grown their salary with a job change

74% feel valued at work

76% are happy with their career progress

Respondents said the top influences on your earning potential is:

  1. Years of experience with Salesforce
  2. Exposure to large progects
  3. Salesforce Certifications

Signifigant numbers of Salesforce professionals do not have a degree or a degree in IT – Computer Science. If you like working with logic, data bases, Spreadsheets, Excel, Access and are looking for work Salesforce might be a good career change. Contact Mason – Frank if you are a Salesforce Professional looking for a new opportunity.

Thanks again to Mason – Frank for a great survey.

Here is the link to the full study:

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Improving Leads, Prospects, Contacts & Accounts In Salesforce

Sales people are always looking for the “good leads”. In the movie Glen Gary Glen Ross the “Leads” were wrapped up with a bow and paraded in front of desperate lead starved Salespeople. Lets talk about what a lead is. In common Sales Speak it is anyone who has or may have some how given an indication how ever slight that they may want to do business with us. It can be a new or existing customer. Oddly enough according to the folks at Sandler Sales approximately 90% of Trade Show leads are Never Followed up on. I can vouch for that having attended many shows and had my badge scanned ad nauseam, yet with scant little follow up. Which is endlessly frustrating for the marketing people who set up the show, ad campaign, literature etc. Well at least until covid is over wasted Trade Show leads won’t be a problem.

Trade Show Back in the Pre-Covid Days

We can use Salesforce to get a better handle on this situation. In Salesforce Speak a Lead is a Company or Person who has Never Done or Attempted to Do Business with us. We know little about them, usually their contact info, their industry and what type of interest they expressed. If the lead lacks this basic info it is not a Qualified Lead either fill in the blanks or delete it. Yes Delete it I have seen folks desperately clutching on to leads that were nothing more than a name and a bad address. I asked what are you going to do mail them a post card? Even better leads that are 18,000 days old and did not buy or get much follow up hmmm.

You won’t find Sales People clamoring to do the footwork to clean up those leads. There are a few online services with will match names to companies but you need at least that info. Define the information you need to make it a Qualified Lead. Refuse everything else. So is it a Lead when an existing customer wants to buy…..NO. That in Salesforce speak is an Opportunity that is associated with an existing Account and Contact. Is it business that is a credit to the sales person Yes, track it as an opportunity. When do we convert a Lead into an Opportunity with an Account & Contact. Good question, when we have defined that there is an Opportunity (Product or Service) that we can Quote, or Measure in dollars and cents. Some companies require a Quote go along with the Opportunity, others merely that we have some idea of what they want. Along with that we estimate the probability of success and what stage it is in our sales funnel.

How can we help Sales, by providing them with qualified leads. Define for your organization what that means. For example: Full Name, Title, Company, email or phone, maybe address, what they are interested in or are likely to be interested in. We can warm them up by using our inside sales team to do an initial screen. With covid most all teams are exclusively inside sales teams. In many companies these leads are warmed up using marketing tools like: Pardot, Marketing Cloud etc. By using a customer journey through a series of emails, engagements, offers, downloads and more. So we can winnow out the tire kickers and get the Good Leads in the hands of the Sales Team.

Now that they have the “Good Leads” now what? Tracking those leads is critical. Many companies spend a huge amount of money to aquire new customers yet can not quantify the cost of acquisition. You can not even try to control something you do not measure. By tracking and back tracking the successes you will know where to put your time and efforts.

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Mikes Black Box & Goals 2020 – 2021

I can still remember my Sandler Sales Coach Mike telling me that my sales territory was like a black box. That Black Box is covered with: Buttons, Dials, Switches, Levers, Cranks and flashing lights. Mike said it is up to me to figure out which Dials to turn, levers to pull and cranks to turn to get the money to pop out. Mike did not sugar coat it. He said “It’s no ones responsibility but yours to figure out what needs to be done to make the money pop out.” He said that over time the Box Changes and we have to figgure out what new sequence of button pushes, crank spins and lever to pull will get the money to pop out. Setting goals gets us looking at that sequence, regularly setting goals helps us adapt to the change circumstances we call our market and life.

Mike’s Black Box it is up to you to figure out how to get the money to pop out Copyright Phil Sallaway 2020

Mike helped me to set behavior – action goals and track them if they don’t work we will tweak them. Salesforce CRM is one of the tools I use to track my goals, behaviors and actions. We can’t control other people, but we can control our own behavior like cold calling. Mike told me the top 7 figure earning Salespeople live in their CRM. Mike was big into tracking and holding me accountable to my goals, no excuses. Mike hasn’t been my coach for the past 5 years or so, and boy to I miss his sound advice.

2020 has been the year with plenty of reasons to not meet goals. Lets face it about anything anyone planned went out the window. Yup it’s been that type of year or has it? Well to be fully honest it took me a 6 weeks of fumbling around to even start to get a new focus on my goals. What I did was to focus on the few that I could continue to work on. Those goals that would improve the situation and were not dependent on things effected by the pandemic. One bright spot was online learning: Earning 107 Badges on Salesforce Trailhead, A Cybersecurity Cert. a Security Super Badge, Renewed by Salesforce Admin Cert. and Completed Sandler Sales Foundations class. Was I all that focused, well to be honest not as much as I could have been. Yet because I did have goals I was able to pivot and be more productive than if I didn’t have goals. I achieved my financial goals in ways I did not expect, because my goals kept me focused on getting results. Good goals are like that focused yet malleable enough to change with the circumstances.

Goal setting is about setting Your Goals based on what you want to achieve. If you don’t do the daily – weekly – monthly behaviors that contribute to the achievement of your annual goal then you have decided that Goal is not important to you. As Robbin Sharma said “Live your day as if it is your whole life in miniature”. I can remember falling short on making my cold call commitment, Mike said he didn’t care if it was 5:00PM on a Fri make the remaining calls or you are Whimping on Your Goals. Yes he was that subtle. Yes I was glad he pushed me. When I face my challenges I often channel my inner Mike and ask what would Mike do…..? As Coach Wooden said “The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same thing to do”

So what will it take to get the Black Box we call 2021 to spit out results? Well you have to figure out what dials, levers, and cranks to activate in your situation to make that happen. To get started just make a short list of 3-5 things you want to accomplish this year. Over the next few weeks flesh it out with the steps you need to take “dial turns & lever pulls” break them down into monthly and weekly actions. Net set an appointment with your self once a week to review and track your progress. Start small at first and build on it. Oddly enough I found that just by having goals, I often achieved my goals, but not in quite the way I planned. Setting your goals it the first step. Don’t wait until Dec 2020 or Jan 2021 that way too late Start Now!

Here are a few tools:

Salesforce CRM for Tracking:

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You Have only 84 Days left for 2020 Goals…. then Goals 2021

Ok 2020 was and seems like it still is a train wreck, goals in tatters. Well time to pivot. Goals are meant to be strong and long lasting, our actions to achieve those goals need to be flexible. We may need to pause some actions and add others. You may even want to re-evaluate your Goals, but no hasty major changes. You picked those goals because they mean something to you. Unless that underlying resin has changed and changed drastically our goals are still good even if it will take longer or some adjusting to achieve them.

I remember the first real goal I set as an adult it was to save for retirement, even way back then it was common knowledge that social security would not be enough to live on. What was missing was clear written goals. I did decide to max out as often as finances allowed, it was a plan sort of. Many years later I was listening to a Brian Tracy audio on Goal Setting, the key take away was to write your goals down. So I did 3 key goals. Now some 16 years later I have completed all of those goals. Yes I still have that sheet of paper. Over that past 10 years my goal setting has gotten far more formal and the results have gotten better as well. Not only do I have goals, I have a written plan along with actions and tracking of my progress.

What really took my goal setting to the next level was Sandler Sales Training. One of the most important lessons I learned was to write downy my goals, with tracking done weekly, monthly and annually. Many folks start the year with goals yet have no plan or method of tracking their progress. One big Ah Ha has from Robbin Sharma (A success Coach) He said: “Live each day as your life in miniature.” Our daily activities will determine how our week turns out, our week the month, the months the year and the years our life. In the past ten years my Goals, Plans & Tracking have gotten more detailed, about 10 pages. You all don’t need to be that elaborate. What you need to do is to start.

To get started look at where you are and decide you do not want to stay there. Next identify your Why. To quote my friend Anthony Mayo If your Why is strong , your how is no problem. Why do you want to achieve what your goals represent? Make a list on a single sheet of paper with your why next to each goal. Start with 3 key Goals for next year. Set the list aside for a few days then refine it, when it feels right and a bit uncomfortable you are close. Why Uncomfortable, well that is where the growth is, to start we need only be a bit uncomfortable. Once you have settled on your goals, list the actions you need to take to achieve them and set dates, then track your actions. By 2021 you will have far more done than if you just let life happen.

And yes my retirement planning goals have turned out rather well, in fact better than expected. I did not get to my retirement goal in a straight line or in the exact way I planned, yet for the most part the Goal was achieved according to the plan.

Need inspiration? Try these links:


Goals By Brian Tracy:

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