Goals 101

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If there is anything harder than setting good goals it is staying focused on them and accomplishing them.  Me I am a fan of starting with small with goals that I know I can accomplish, because nothing succeeds like success. Well that is what works for me anyway. Others do better when they set huge goals that inspire them to push themselves. Some folks like to plan big and miss but 70% of a big goal is still huge. To loosely quote Les Brown: It is better to aim high and miss than do nothing and succeed…..

My take here is discover what works for you. Get inside your head look at your past and there you will find your answer. Beginning Goal setters often spend too much time listing huge goals get overwhelmed then quit after a few weeks.  Often the difference between attaining your goals and missing them is just down to pure hard work and persistence. Make a list of what works for you, I am a fan of what works.

Others have been there before you can learn from them. One of the good easy ways to get start is with the SMART goal method: Created in 1981 The SMART acronym first appeared in the November 1981 in an issue of Management Review. “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives.” was the title, it was written by: George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham. www.smart-goals-guide.com/smart-goal.html

The S.M.A.R.T goal acronym stands for:

S. – Specific:  Clearly define what the goal is for example:

A. Earn More Money is Fluffy Bunny     vs.     B. Earn 20% More next year is Specific

M. – Measurable:  Numbers are a good measure here it need not be money, it can be sales calls made. Make it related to the Specific Goals. The key is can it be Measured if not it is not Specific enough. To paraphrase Management Guru Peter Drucker: Things that are measured tend to get done. Customer Relationship Management Software works wonders here.

A. – Attainable: Is the Goal challenging yet not impossible? Some folks set impossible goals as that gives them an easy out for not hitting the Goal. Some folks set big goals hit 70% of goal and that works for them. To start aim for a goal you can achieve.

R. – Realistic: A good approach is to run your goals past a trusted advisor. Someone who knows you but is not a spouse, close relative or boss. A person who is willing to give you a reality check.

T. – Time based: Here is where the rubber meets the road. There must be a clear specific date when this Goal is due to be accomplished. Is a weekly goal, monthly, yearly or more, define that and track accordingly.

Now TAKE ACTION or your goal it need not be huge action, but take action. Grab your Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet, or Piece of Paper & Pen write done some goal that will better your life. For example,  If your goal is to read 6 books this year about your industry buy the books right now.  Schedule time to read them, put a reminder in your smartphone. It helps to put the books somewhere you will see them often. Next reward yourself after finishing each book. We all need positive feedback, in fact positive feedback is more powerful than negative feedback.

Once you start setting and accomplishing your goals you will want to set more. Those that set goals accomplish far more than those chasing shiny objects.

The person who got me focused on Goal Setting was Brian Tracy (Thanks Brian) for his take on Goal Setting: https://www.briantracy.com/blog/personal-success/smart-goals/



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Dawn Jan 1, 2019 – What Are Your Goals ?


Well it is approaching that time of year for “New Years Resolutions” Don’t instead set Goals.

My first inspiration came a long time ago while listening to a cassette tape by Sales Trainer Brian Tracy. He said that those who set Goals consistently get more done that those that don’t.  The first step is to put your goals in writing, I did 3 simple big life goals, My Vision for my Future. That simple act gets your brain working on it as he says almost on autopilot. Keep those goals where you can see them. Well I found that piece of scrap paper not long ago and yes through many twists and turns I accomplish those goals. You see achieving Goals is not a straight line or as simple as writing them down that’s just the start.

“A Goal without a plan is just a Wish.”  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What is your Vision for your future, be it next year, 10 – 20 years, or the life you look back on at your end. A Vision statement need only be a few sentences it is your high and mighty propose your Why.  Too many folks just Go with the Flow, and end up where ever the flow takes them. Unless you are fortunate enough to work for a benevolent corporation that may or may not be a good thing.

“Either what you do is part of your plan or someone else’s.” David Sandler.

“If your Why is strong How is no Problem” Anthony Mayo.

After you have your Vision, break that vision down into Goals these are more specific. For example, if your vision includes furthering your education, the big goals could be:  Upgrade Your Skills,  break that down to the Tasks needed to achieve those goals, like the Courses you need to take, GPA you will need, Certifications you need to earn, the number of hours a week you need to study to get that GPA. Get Specific.

Next Make sure the Goals and Tasks are Measurable. This is where the rubber meets the road and a lot of folks get stuck. A GPA is measurable, the number of hours spend studying measurable, appreciation is not measurable.  Now the hard part set up a method to Track your  progress. Be it a Calender, a spreadsheet or reminders in you smart phone. Set up and Ideal Week, that schedules all of your activities related to your Goals and All other Activities, it is amazing how much time you really have in a week. (I learned this from (Sandler Sales http://www.Lrn2Sell.com) Pick what works for you, then review it weekly.

Are your goals attainable? there are two schools of thought here 1. Big Goals that are Never Attainable, “It’s better to go big and miss than to go small and hit” Les Brown. 2. Set goals that are attainable so you can get some wins as nothing succeeds like success.  I tend to put Big Goals into my Vision and keep my goals attainable but I need to work and grow to hit them.

It often helps to review your goals with a trusted advisor – mentor. (avoid spouses & relatives) Do a Reality Check are the Goals, too hard or too easy? You need someone what will tell you straight up and understands what you are trying to achieve. We need someone who will both Nurture us and Prod us at the same time.

Time Box your goal, there must be a specific completion dates for your Tasks and Goals. If not Procrastination will often set in and it gets put off again and again. I find it helps to measure my activity on a goal – task every week and then do a bigger review every month. We need to track our wins,  every week I write out my 5 wins for the week. Some are big most are small yet in time the add up.  I learned this tip from Robin Sharma. He also said

“Every Day is our Life Lived in Miniature” Robin Sharma.

Celebrate success along the way. Some folks keep a Journal of their achievements others blog, some keep notes. Achieving Your Goals is a Journey enjoy the trip along they way, not just the end.

Start this proces with the plan to have your Vision, Goals and Tasks down to a few pages. Now the Most important part, pick a Task and Start NOW, do something to make progress on that Task any action will get the ball rolling…! Then keep moving !

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Should You Buy or Build a Business?


Where do you start

Lauren Grant a Franchise Specialist with The Franchise Consulting Company gave an engaging talk  at a Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance Meeting, on the new opportunities for folks who want to run their own business. I can guess what a lot of folks are thinking, a Franchise is a fast food restaurant and Dry cleaning. Well this is not your grandpa’s franchise opportunity,please keep an open mind.

Common misconceptions are: Franchises are all fast food, they are expensive, you need to be an expert, require hands on management. Lets talk about these misconceptions one at at a time. Franchises come in many shapes and sizes, from barber shops – hair salons, to driver training schools, in home Senior Care, computer support – service, to UPS Stores, there is one to fit many business needs. Next they cost too much, they often start at $50, 000 to $120,000  the middle is $150,000 to $250,000 the upper range is $350,000 to $500,000. Much depends on if it is a work from home or storefront type of business. The average is in the $100,000 range.

The three top keys to success for Franchisees:

  1. Good fit for your business skills. You need to have transferable business skills like Sales, Team building etc. Before you are even considered for as a buyer you are often given a series of tests to see if you are a good match for their business model. Does your personality type match their business model? Are you a people person or prefer to work alone?
  2. . Follow the system, what you buy is a proven system. Follow it and you are on the road to success. Don’t re-invent the wheel. You are buying a proven process for running a successful profitable business.
  3. Capitalization, a fancy word for having enough money to make it from start up to profitability. Depending on the Franchise business model and your desired income it it will generally take 2 years to replace a $50-$70k income. It will take about 3 – 5 years to reach a point where you have replaced a previous annual income in the $100,000 range.


Do your due diligence Lauren emphasized you need to talk with business owners who built the same franchise you are looking at. The Master Franchise should be happy to introduce you to several call them, visit them in the trenches and see if it is for you. Some are very hands on others allow you to hire a manager and be hands off. Only you know for sure if it is a match.

So now your franchise is profitable you have a manager handling the day to day chores whats next. Well your exit strategy of course, some folks build a business to sell it at a profit, others build it for their kids,  others build it hire a manager and work part time its up to you and depends on they type of business.


There are as many Franchises as there are business needs in the community these days. There is something for most any business interest and experience.To learn more feel free to reach out to Lauran Grant at lauren@thefranchiseconsultingcompany.com  or 949-887-2600


Lauren Grant

Lauren has been a business owner since 1996 and franchisor, she understands the hard work and effort it takes to build up a successful business. She enjoys the opportunity to help others take advantage of another’s hard work creating their own secret franchise formula .

Next Sales & Marketing Leadership Meeting: 

How to Pitch Big Ideas to Influential People and Mesmerize Your Audience

by Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance

 DATE: Thu, January 26, 2017,  5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PST

 LOCATION Real Office Centers, The Vine OC

5151 California Avenue #100, Irvine, CA 92617

About the author: Phil Sallaway is a Sales Leadership Alliance member with 20 years of business experience.  He has managed product lines as large as $50 Million.  Career highlights include: placing a product on the “This Old House” TV program and being published in many national trade publications. He has been a voting member on a joint ISA, ANSI, IEC standards committee on gas detection. Phil is currently the Product Manager at SalesForceMaven.com


Phil Sallaway

25422 Trabuco Rd. #105-346

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Cell: 949-636-5286

E-mail: psallaway1@aol.com


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Growing Sales on the Inside

SalesforceOrangeCountyAlteryx hosted last night’s OC Assoc  Of Inside Sales Professionals meeting, Dionne Mischler was the moderator. The topic was using Account Based Management in a B2B environment to focus all of the sales efforts at engaging the prospect company a multiple levels. From marketing , inside and outside sales engaging from the bottom to the top of the prospects company. This is a holistic approach aimed at connecting a many levels and there by winning the deal.

One of the key take aways was you have to track your activity. One of the presenters Brian Trautschold of Ambition Co. said that you have to make it personal. As in tying your sales to your personal goals and ambitions. I strongly agree. We are most motivated by our own goals and desires. Company cheerleading only goes so far. By the way Ambition’s software tracks a sales person’s activities in real time so they can see where they are at any given moment. This helps them avoid that unpleasant conversation with their manager at the end of the Month  about or Quarter about missing quota.

Anshu Kanuga Sales Productivity Specialist at Alteryx is spearheading the Account Based Management approach. Their product uses Salesforce as a platform and their market focus is B2B Data Analytics. They are providing Data Analytics for mid sized companies that only large companies could have only a few years ago.  Once you have gathered all this data now what ? What companies need is Actionable Analysis, what does the data tell me and what do I do next. Smaller companies are often close enough to the action where they see it for themselves. As your company grows  into a mid sized enterprise you have to depend on the data. This lends their sales efforts to mid size companies where they can access a variety of decision makers.

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Building Success Through Values


Presented at the May Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance Meeting by Jim Trunick

At first blush one tends to think of the “On boarding Process” as being an HR function and Hiring Manger function only done once. What Jim did was expand my perception of On Boarding into a continuous process one that aligns values within the organization and fosters diversity at the same time. The danger of only on boarding those the fit the cookie cutter is stagnation, groupthink or simply drinking too much of your own Kool-Aid. By only managing Hands and Feet we are not engaging their minds as a result we stifle creativity.Success today is more ‘intellectual property’  and less ‘hard goods’ building requiring more engaged employees.


Jim created this realization in a very practical way. He gave each of us a deck of 52 cards; each card had one word on it. Works that described our values like Family, Creativity, Justice, etc. We all started out with 52 cards, Jim said pick the 30 that best describe us, well that was easy, well not so fast. Jim says, now out of that 30 pick 15, and that was harder, then he kicks it up a notch and says pick 10, much harder. Finally, he promises this is the last cut; pick only six that best describe you. I hear groans, and there is much struggle here to narrow it down to just six. Culling the list down to just six cards was tough.

But Jim was not through with us. As a group, he wanted the group’s top six. So we worked our way through the group’s top picks and came up with: Family, Results, Passion, Integrity, Impact, Fun. A good group of words for a group of Sales & Marketing Professionals.


There is a tendency to onboard people based on their Skills, Competency, and knowledge. That only gets you their hands, and feet to do the work. It harkens back to the view of employees as widgets a commodity, used for a unit of production people = ROI. In today’s complex environment, require that the head and hearts. Then comes from their Values. The shared empathy, decision-making, and judgment. It takes good interviewing skills to surface this level. It also takes continuous development – On boarding to align with the company culture.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast ~ Peter Drucker   The Six Words represent our culture.We all want to work for something bigger than ourselves. Only 26% of employees are actually engaged. 89% of success is tied to motivational fit. It is less about assessing and more about alignment of existing employees.The Six Words represent our culture. If the needs represented by our six words are not being met in our life, we will try to change the external environment to meet these needs. If we can get the environment to change, we quit caring. Employees will not tell you they have quit, they get negative Sabotage and self sabotage our-their  projects.

Kent Schmitt observed that the successful companies he deals with know their values and can express those values clearly. So the find employees with similar values.  Jim said that if we can understand people’s values they will work harder for you. In a global economy diversity of thought and full engagement are competitive advantages.


1. New employees gain self-discovery of their own values.

2. Assist managers gain perspectives of the values of the members of their teams.

3. Collate and collaborate to create a corp. value statement that incorporates diversity. Diversity is People who have differing values from the typical, that is the outlying values.

It is in the outliers – fringe where the buckets of growth are.

Last Thoughts: Work = Pay.  It used to be in 1900 Work = Pride.  Today, we lacks purposefully  Engaged Work  = Pride in the shared values of what we do.

Our homework is to take our six words and write the stories behind them.

001_Jim Trunik (1)

Jim Trunick

Bio:  Jim is former Sr. Director, Commercial Leadership Development at Allergan Pharmaceuticals.  He has 36 years of sales and marketing experience with Allergan, his only job.  He started ALC (Align Leadership and Coaching) in 2013, as an executive coaching practice.   He currently works with several fortune 500 groups, including Allergan, Saks Fifth Avenue, Comcast Cable , NYK global shipping,  and Genentech on training design, executive coaching and team development.

Jim Trunick of Leadership & Executive Solutions. jim @jimtrunick.com 949-363-3416

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Harnessing the Power of Your Inside Sales team

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

Presentation by Dionne Mischler, Founder of Inside Sales by Design,                                     at the June 2015 Sales Leadership Alliance Meeting, Hosted by Giga Savvy

Inside sales can be much more than telemarketing or a bunch of clerks taking orders, if that is what your inside sales team looks like you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

According to Dionne, the Sales World has changed. The days of the old model where Outside Sales brought in the big bucks and inside sales – customer service being a bunch of order takers is gone. The high cost of outside sales people has driven a new model for Inside Sales Teams. In the new model inside sales make and closes the vast majority of the deals.


She said that technology has changed the way Prospects – Customers buy. Information is available on line and they do their research up front long before they contact you or you contact them. We as sales & marketing folks have the ability to know much more about our target customer – prospect as well. Using tools like Salesforce CRM, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot and many others we are able to know the message that will resonate with that specific prospect – customer’s typical needs. Grabbing a phone book or phone list and dialing for dollars is dead.


Customers are much more at ease buying over the internet, by phone or via a combination of the two, think Skype, Go to meeting WebEx etc. They do not need or often want an outside sales person to take up their time with long presentations tying up a room full of executives. Not that Outside Sales is dead, the model moves more of the sales process on to the inside team and often it is the whole sales process. From prospecting the lead to the close and after the sale service. The cloud makes this possible think Salesforce CRM. Etc.

Internet Marketing has become key to keeping your name top of mind with the prospect – customer. Inside Sales can test market on a daily or hourly basis to find out what resonates in specific market niches. This offers real time feedback that can be used to create messaging for a larger market audience and reduce the risk of using the wrong message.

Dionne’s three top tips:

  1. Know your buyer, 2. Know your market, 3. Craft and use compelling messages

Tips to turn your Inside Sales Dept. into a profit center:

  1. Teach the team to Cross Sell and Up Sell, 2. Top C-Level support 3. Gather 3 months of data and have a way to capture it i.e. a CRM. 4. Road map the product – service solutions for the Up Sell – Cross Sell 5. Train the Team how to offer the solutions to the prospect – customer


For a start up, goals are based on measurable activity. For and existing product – business it is based on Quotas in dollars.

It was surprising to me that software licensing renewal deals of $1 million dollars are being done by inside sales.  Dionne says these big deals are outliers at the moment, deals up to the $30,000 range are happening regularly with top notch inside sales teams.

The role of Tech. In the past it took a year of more for an inside sales rep to learn the products in a B2B market.  It took even more time for them to understand the customer’s needs well enough to make sure they not only got what they wanted but all the parts and pieces they needed. She gave a simple example in aerospace getting they wrong bolt could cause a plane crash. Knowing they right specs and then reminding the customers that they need a nut and a washer for each bolt took time. Now they ordering software can prompt the inside sales person to make sure it meets the specs and ask if they need washers and nuts to go with the bolts. Even a rookie inside sales person can make that sale.

Inside sales reps are generating $500,000 to $1 Million in gross revenue a year. Salaries for top quality inside sales people have risen as well in to the $90 to $120, 000 range. The split is often 60% salary and 40% commission or 70% Salary and 30% commission. As in many things, you get what you pay for, if you want order takers then salaries of $50,000 or so won’t get much revenue generation.


Profile of the New Inside Sales Rep

Embraces Technology

Not afraid to use a Web Cam to do a live presentation to a prospect – customer

Comfortable with using Tech and using new tech

Perpetually curious, reads white papers is always learning

Articulate and can turn a prospect into a customer with intelligent questions.

Calls with confidence & competence and open to learning it.


The new model of the inside sales team as a profit center has taken hold. It is fast becoming the norm in high tech companies in Silicon Valley. As the model proves out it will be adopted by other industries. The companies that adopt this model will have a significant advantage over those who sink money into teams that only take orders.


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5 Steps to improve your messaging: How to deliver presentations that are convincing, compelling and memorable

Presented by Fia Fasbinder, “Presentation Skills Coach at The MOXIE Institute”

Fia Fasbinder presenting at the Sales Leadership Alliance Meeting June 2015

Fia Fasbinder presenting at the Sales Leadership Alliance Meeting June 2015

Well I hate to admit it but I was expecting something like the advice I got as a young man aspiring to be an Orator…. “Stand up, Speak up then Shut up” or “Say what you are going to say, Say it, Say what you said” Well I was Wrong. Fia went way beyond that basic stuff.

To start with she explained why we all have some hard wired Stage Fright. Standing alone, surrounded by others who are all staring at you in pre-historic times usually meant you were Lunch. Or how survey after survey says many people fear public speaking more than death..!   The Good News She said was audiences are all hoping that you will succeed; the audience is pulling for you!


Without a doubt, Fia gets an “A” for audience participation. She had us all up and practicing projecting our speaking voices. Practicing good breathing, pitch, volume, and emphasis. Not bad considering her audience was full of crusty sales folks who certainly aren’t afraid to talk. We all learned about the  MOXIE method.

Move your mouth, open it wider it projects sincerity and promotes trust

O Oxygen, good deep breaths oxygenates your blood & brain thinks better

X Excite your Audience

I If factor can be reduced by Rehearsing 5 to 7 times

E Enjoy the experience

Good breathing energizes your speaking, and helps promote better projection. Excite your audience with verbal variety: Emphasis, Vary Pitch, Change Volume, and use phrasing (like a series of sound bites). Scan your audience and make eye contact briefly with as many folks as you can, it makes them feel connected.  She recommended rehearsing 5-7 times aloud yes aloud, but no more. Over rehearsing can, cause the speech to sound canned. By rehersing just enough to have a good strong grasp of the key points that you want to make but you leave room to ad lib and mold the speech to the situation. This allows you to Enjoy, Yes Enjoy the actual Speaking event because it is not the first time for you.

Her top Two tips: 1. Deep breathing and 2. Deliver the message from your heart.

The deadly sins: 1. Make it Boring 2. Stare at the screen (vs talking to the audience) 3. Let the Slides tell your whole story.

Over all a great presentation with some outstanding take aways on how to be a better at public speaking.

Upcoming Events:

To attend go to: http://www.salesleadershipsd.com/

About the author:

Phil Sallaway is a Sales Leadership Alliance member with 20 years of business experience.  He has managed product lines as large as $50 Million.  Career highlights include: placing a product on the “This Old House” TV program and being published in many national trade publications. He has been a voting member on a joint ISA, ANSI, IEC standards committee. Phil is currently the Product Manager at SalesForceMaven.com

Phil Sallaway

25422 Trabuco Rd. #105-346

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Cell: 949-636-5286

E-mail: psallaway1@aol.com




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