Create A Better Salesforce CRM User Experience

Alphabetical Pick lists make logical sense to the Salesforce Tech creating them, but are very annoying to users when you have to scroll through 140 country from Arminia to Azabijan etc for a Domestic Company? If you only do business in the USA, Canada and Mexico put them at the top then the rest of the world after than in alphabetical order. Do a Quick analysis of your top 10 customers and rank the 10 Countries from most to least then the rest alphabetical. Or If you are a N. America Co. list USA, Canada, Mexico and Other, when Other is selected a Text Box appears for them to type in their country name.

Non-sense pick lists, Limited options, Options that don’t Make sense, have choices that are too similar, or no option for “Other” and a blank space for me to type what Other Means. Here is an example of a well done list that probably uses the IP address to default to United States. Great Job Danaher..!

Also when United States is selected the State pick list appears, nice touch. Some folks use Zip Code but Zip Codes are not exclusive to one state. They also selected the country code for your phone number based on your country selection, nice touch.

Ask them your team how they use pick lists your page layouts I often get some good suggestions. What are their top 10 picks in order of importance (or do a report and rank them yourself)

Are the sections of the page they use most often grouped ? or do they have to do screen gymnastics to get from field to field by scrolling all over hells half acer ? Most often used stuff top Left, Then along the top and down the left hand side ie. in the shape of an “F”

Watch your team enter data, watch your users and how they interact with salesforce. Are they picking up a calculator to do calculations? Put that math into your fields, let the software do the work. If a user struggles and or gets it wrong it Fix it You Created it WRONG…!.

To paraphrase Henry Ford Don’t make faster horses, rather than mimic what they are doing now, automate it.

Automate repetitive Routine Tasks, if you regularly assign a series of tasks use the Action Plans automation in Salesforce it will Assign a series of tasks to a variety of people, groups and Ques at the press of a button. Better yet create process that can be automated using the Process Builder or the Flow Builder.

On the off chance any of this is of interest it may be worth a quick conversation, feel free to call Phil at 949-636-5286

About Phil Sallaway - Manager Orange County California

Manager at SalesForceMaven in Orange County California. He is a Salesforce Consultant with a strong Marketing & Sales background.
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